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toy-mota 1971 toyota ms65 crown

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im new to the forum and just brought a 1971 ms65 crown,i plan on getting rid of the mags

and put some widened steelies on it and lowerer it heaps,the blue truck is my 1974 landcruiser

on standard rims with orginal hubcaps.




so at the moment im after some factory rims and hubcaps and an exterior sunvisor

il put some more pics up later

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picked my rims up today,standard 15inch ford falcon rims

would toyota hubcaps fit these?,theres a little lip.

just need to get them widened and some new stretched tyres



and my manual turned up offf trademe for $5 (kant own an old car without 1),in my opinion better than a haynes manual


still looking for hubcaps and exterior sunvisor

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so picked up the car on saturday,runs nice,about $90 to fill the tank,only problem being when you get a car load over bumps in the road the front left wheel hit the guard and shocked the wheel nuts loose-not good lucky bahco was on board ,went to fit the falcon 15inch rims but they hit on the top of the suspension so gay rims have to stay ,the jack daniels bottle shows how high it is so going to have to go low,heres some pics






interior is excellent ,no rips in the seats and the dash has no cracks


and the two old girls in the garage together



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so wee bit of progress last nite,just painted the grill black last night then cut and polish the black off the plastic chrome and made it shiny (looks much better in person than photo)


also after some chrome pieces just to tidy the car up

1.front left chrome pieces,1s missing an end cap and the other is full of ripples


2.right rear is dented and flatted


other than that all other chrome is in good shape,anyone know of a crown dismantler in chch region

also just wondering if these side mirrors are factory toyota or aftermarket,thinking about changing them to the rectangle shape?


also after a full rubber kit eg. doors,front/rear windscreens,any other places than rare spares (they want $1300) that may have something (dont mind if an international company)

discussion thread here,



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tonight ive been in the garage fitting up my new head unit,i made a case to go round the head unit as it is exposed out of the dash,so i made up a panel steel cover and got a $6 look like leather cushion from the wharehouse,cut it up and glued it to the cover with ados F2,looks rather smart,once again looks better in person than photos,test fitted 1 of my rims today from elite wheels in Christchurch i got them widened to 7inch originally, had a look at them and chose to go 8 inch,pics will be up next week of them when there done

crown and falcon looking good


JVC headunit in new homemade cover





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got wheels back last weekend,8inch wide 14inch toyota steel rims with 185/70/r14 stretched on,the crown needs lowering to make them look better,after give the heater core a blow out with the garden hose the heaters where still cold so i un did the vacum hose to the tap and now i have super warm heaters,il get round to fixing the tap,no luck with the exhuast flap been told it could be diecast,magnesium or zinc and doesnt like welding so either try and find a replacment or cut mine up and try make it work,make a casting for a new 1 or fab up a stainless 1.why does either thing have to be difficult on old toyotas (sigh)

rude looking without flap



dish on rim (iphone 3 to show dish)




looking at doing this weekend:sub-box for boot,flare guards,chop either the small or big muffler out and replace with straight pipe

discuss : http://oldschool.co....ota-ms65-crown/

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Guest toy-mota

so been awhile for an update.

a couple off goodies have arrived in the mail from over the place,a original Toyota badge from Greece,fender mirrors and boot,door seals from Thailand,

had to re-drill new holes for the new fender mirrors,so the factory ones will get welded up when the car gets painted


got some stainless steel bands and ford 12 slot center caps on the rims now,looking much better,may have to get mags one day tho



found this pic on the net on the front badge,so thought id paint mine the same



this is the new Toyota badge from Greece,(brought off ebay)


front grill looking colorful


also mad a sub box for the boot,its made out of 7mm ply,carpeted and has a piece off the side for the amp and to fit and breakdown kit,oil,bottle of water and tool kit


also had to buy a helicoil kit to fix my spark plug threads,as either the previous owners have cross threaded the hole or they have just worn out,as the spark plugs are loose and will probably fly out soon,got the kit from saeco wilson in chch for $80,comes with 15 recoils of different lengths,the insert tool and a no drilling required tap,

got a contact through work whos getting me all useable pieces off his crown,its from the wet-coast and the body has had it but chrome and interior parts are still good,and mite be buying a rolling body one as a parts car with xr ford running gear

things that still need doing

*flare the guards

*lower it

*panel and paint

discussion here //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/36351-toy-mota-1971-toyota-ms65-crown/

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Guest toy-mota

not much has happened to the old girl other than a seat cover and floor mats,but ive been driving it to work everyday and the choke has

been staying on,so when i pull up to the lights it just revs fast,it has a exhuast heated auto-choke and i took it apart to clean it out and its rooted,

so im after either new carb,get mine rebuilt or just convert mine to a manual choke (can this be done?)


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so after having my windscreen smashed by a unknown source,i went to try get a new 1,turns out theres none around and il have to wait 3 months for one to turn up,sooooo i decided to get the carb rebuilt,and get a panel and paint,for the last 2 nights ive ripped into it,taking the chrome off and fixing the surface rust on the windscreen (only 1 tiny pinhole of rust),ordered new outer window rubbers and off to get a guard flarer next week,so all on at the moment,






















and the new addition to our toyota family,the miss's 1980 bugeye starlet




discuss here //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/36351-toy-mota-1971-toyota-ms65-crown/ cheers

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wee bit been done over the queens bday weekend,got a guard roller so ive done one of the lips on the archs and turned out nice,carnt flare the guards tho as there to square,removed the back bumper and have rust killed it and its mounts,also paint stripped the bad spots on the car where the paint has cracked,





(the badge was removed before the guard got paint stripped)



mean sackage and camber while the car was jacked on one side


also after a set of these rims,can do swaps on widened steelies 14x8 with or without tyres ,5x 114.3 pcd

can you get alloy wheels widened? as i would like to change them to 14x8 and 14x9





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so crown is ready for paint just need to get it booked in,bulk paint stripper was needed to remove the atleast 2mm thick cracked green paint,came out mint in the end,a couple of rust patches were put in around the guards due to toyota using felt to line the to panels resulting in a moister trap and rust.






one old girl starting another





took it for a drive round the town like this today,loved every second and got a few odd looks




also needing some of these clips that hold my stainless steel moulding to the sill,i broke atleast half of them so looking for some more,google results were only the bog standard clips and not what i was after


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