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MRWEST's 1964 Chevrolet SS Impala Vert


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Well has been a busy few weeks for the MRWEST 64,


Have got it back from the Dyno after a few hickups but shes all tuned and running better than ever,

The misses, pops and cackles and hesitation has all gone now we have the Link G3+ with G4 Extreme firmware wired in and tuned!

Runs a heap better.


Have also added balance pipe and it sounds a shiiiittt load better, less 2 hondas drag racing and more v8! 

Stoked on that one as wasnt overly stoked on its sound before.

Has a nice idle now everythings been tuned up and adjusted and sounds decent enough with the hammer down,


List of shit to do before xmas is long enough ill be busy but nothing major,

Bring on some summer cruising!!


Pic for fred



Yarning down here


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