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MRWEST's 1964 Chevrolet SS Impala Vert


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Great success. 

Went for a wee visit to the panelbeaters last night.

Painter has bare metalled and epoxied the body panels eg bonnet, boot, guards, doors etc. 

Theyve been filled and ready for primer.


Rear quarters had been baremetalled and is off to the booth to get epoxied, bit of minor filling next week and smack some primer off.

Then its paint o'clock!


Getting a wee bit excited to see some colour laid down!


Discuss here  > http://oldschool.co....a/?hl=westpala�



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Top Posters In This Topic

As youll see in the Lowrider thread I scored a set of original 45 spoke Truespokes in 14x7 Reverse offset. Have been reconditioned and rechromed by Truespoke.

Enroute to NZ as we speak.

Apparently pretty rare these days, should look the part! Havent been made for many years!


Discuss here  > http://oldschool.co....a/?hl=westpala�



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Shits getting real now! 

Couple of last pics when it was all together still.






Painter has been going hard on the final prep of the body.

Super stoked with progress, lines are all looking sharp ! 

All going to plan ill have a painted body shell back on the chassis by xmas.




Chassis has been getting bagged, brakes, test fit everything, before i pull it back down touch up a bit of paint then bolt everything together for good.

Will be chucking everything i can on/in the chassis ready for the body to go back on / less chance of me farking up fresh paint!




Discuss here  > http://oldschool.co....a/?hl=westpala�

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So, havent been on here for a couple of months but  well lots has been happening lately its all go!

Body is back on the chassis all painted, including the underneath, in, out, engine bay etc!!

Front end is back on, doors, rad support, front guards, inner guards. Just waiting on boot and bonnet to be finished before fitting them.

Engine and box are in and all bolted up, airbags are bolted in and operating off shed compressor. 

Have the car at home and starting to piece all the new bits and pieces on!


No photos the car has gone under wraps till shes done now!


Its looking so good but youl have to wait to see !



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Few progress photos for you.



Dash cluster was a bit rusty, and full of sandblasting dust. 

So completely pulled it to bits and cleaned it then put it back together with new bulbs etc.










Also spent the night at Mr Valiant64 AKA Midnight Upholstery last night .

We stripped my old roof fabric so i can clean up the frame and paint it before fitting new roof material!




http://oldschool.co....westpala/page-5 Talk amongst yourselves

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Have been busy busy getting shit done! 


Managed to score OG bumpers that have been rechromed in the states, fresh as! they have turned up, look the goods.



Have also scored a OG grill, hood and boot centre spear and tail light bezels that have been rechromed by the same guy on the way too! 



I decided to dismantle the roof frame to get it sandblasted and painted! Stripped it down one night pulled like a million old staples out that have held various roofs on over the years. Has been blasted and painted gloss black, came up mint!

Awaiting a new bolt and bush kit to turn up then its getting reassembled and mr midnightupholstery can come for a visit and fit the roof. 




Windscreen is in, most of the side/exterior trim is on, headunits in, dash and gauge cluster is in.

Slowly but surely coming together! 

Awaiting a few thigns to turn up from the states but got plenty to do.


Yarns over here ---------------------------> http://oldschool.co....westpala/page-5

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Lots going on still, getting through it slowly,


All the panels are on, windscreen in.

Took it off the hoist and fitted the truspokes for the first time on the paint, looks epic, stoked as with how it turned out!

Had to get some 5mm spacers made up for the front of the truspokes to clear the disk brakes, and have had to get longer wheel studs as only getting 4 turns so got some of them on the way. 


Am pulling the front end apart to grease up and adjust and put together for the final time hopefully,


Brake are nearly done just need to finish making the front lines,


Steering column in just got to refill the steering box and refit then steering is done!


Got a few bits on the water mostly lots of chrome but few minor things to finish jobs,


Doors are going back together, had door handles rechromed so those are on, and had the catches and latches zinc plated as well as all the window winder mechanisims etc, nice and clean!


Imported a full 2.5" twin stainless system with mufflers, just need to make a few brackets, was a heap cheaper than buying steel etc here and making! Already had stainless headers to go with. Should keep the underneath clean as!!


Couple of pics (still no paint pics!!)








Yarns over here ---------------------------> http://oldschool.co....westpala/page-5

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So well yeah have been going hard out on the old girl lately.

Things are progressing really nicely! Havent been on oldschool for some time so bit late on the updates.


So had some OG bits that have been chromed in the US of A turn up finally.

OG Grill and headlight bezels






And some tail light bezels and boot and bonnet centre trim 



Real happy with that the chrome grill looks epic on the paint!! Whoops realised i posted some pics when i bought but they are here now!


Also finally got the OG bumpers that were rechromed in the states on the bumper irons with the new filler panels.

Chrome is so good real happy!!

Rear bumper



Front bumper 



Got some things done here at Otahuhu. Got all the window winder mechanisims etc as well as the bits i already had done



Decided to pull the window frames apart to clean up the glass and get the frames rechromed.

Otahuhu did them cost me a small fortune but they look good. Just need to reassemble.



Replaced all the front end bolts with stainless as the bolt kit i had had already started to go rusty.



Got the fuel tank in on the weekend, Used a "Tanks INC" tank which bolted into the factory spot but setup for intank pump.

Mounted this and the reg/filter all done and up to the hardline on the chassis.


Brakes are all ready to bleed, steerings complete and its about to go get wired up at a mates shop! 


Have a few treats to share next week ;) 


//oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/34313-the-westpala/page-6 tell me im a cunt here for not sharing paint pics haha

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Another big milestone ticked off yesterday/today,


Dtech Motorsport had it on the dyno and gave her a tickle up and tune,

Sounds like it made around 260kw atw which will be a hell of a laugh on 175/70/R14 tyres!

Need to change the Toyota TPS to a LS1 one as ECU wasnt reading WOT past 80% throttle so sort that and a few things out and he reckons we should see around 300kw lol.


Pick it up tonight then its off to the depths of the paint shop for the weekend for a gap of the panels and buff.


Comment away here about how much fun its going to be lol 


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