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Jamies 86 Hilux Sr5 bargain basment build with added boat anchor

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Just picked this up today and drove it home from Auckland





New Zealand new 1986 Sr5 Extra Cab, im only the 3rd owner and it was originally from the south island.

Its mint, no rust and still has original manual and sales info

Powered by a 3y with 186000kms on it, runs like a dream(was expecting it to be a gutless piece)


Plans are roll it as a daily and start saving for a 1kz-te or a 1kd-ftv to drop in it.

Was thinking of converting it to EFI until that happens, anyone got a a 3y injection setup lying round?

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Longtime no update

Took off the canopy which was a heavy lump and fitted a old battery box from work for tools etc, just need

to figure a more permanent way of holding it to the tray.


Special thanks to Corbie for pickup and delivery of my new mags

Fitted them up a couple of days ago so I thinks some pics are in order



Discovered the rear end runs air shocks which is a bonus.

The 3y is slow and reliable except for a thirst for a little oil, with the price of diesel now I have been put off the the idea of a 1KZ so saving for a 3RZ-FE to fill the engine bay.

Needs more slam so saving for drop spindles and new tyres to get some stretch under the guards.

Also looking for a front lip to bung on there and a mesh visor for the windscreen

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Sweet seats scored at swapmeat in the weekend for a very good price

Need some flat bar to mount them to the rails and we will be away laughing


Chopper agrees that they are super sweet too

3y decided to start drinking water and become a coffee machine as there was a nice cappuccino brewing away under the oil cap, banged a sealwell cube in the radiator and it seems to be holding for now so a new engine is needed.

Finding a 1ggze would make my day

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Jeez long time since an update

Found some old 2' blocks at the olds place so got some motivation to get this low finally

They fit sweet but need new u bolts to install them

Decided to take the bottom leaf and flip it on top.




Im happy with the end result for time taken, the 14's always seemed too small when it was jacked but they fill the rear guards nicely now, although im looking for some suitable 15x8 rims

Got about 80mm bumpstop clearance so need something smaller before the blocks go in then it will be sitting perfect with a little guard roll.

The front needs smaller bumpstops to get to the right height, so will visit pickapart asap

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Just came in from fitting this




Got it off an old corona at pickapart, was a perfect fit width wise just needed the ends trimmed down add a few cable ties and its looking the business.

I have found that 90's townace bump stops are half the size of hilux ones but use the same bolt spacings so im on the hunt for a set to get the front down.

Scored 3y injection gear of TM for cheap Im considering running a s/c or turbo on the 3y once injected for sweet oldschool powerup

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Got new rims today



Volk mesh 3pc 15x6.5

Looks sweet even with balloon spec 215/225 combo but need more low in the front ASAP

Offset is good need to find new outer bands now to get them out to 8's on the front and 9's on the back but thats long term.

Scored this visor off VG


Just sitting there at the mo need to modify it slightly and make some brackets to mount it but I like it.


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Been busy getting ready for Nats, robbed some parts from the townace to test fit in the hilux.


Swapped over the near new monroe front shocks and bumpstops from the van,

note the difference in size of the townace bumpstops.

The top ones bolt straight in but the bolt spacing for the bottom ones is slightly wider, just had to round out the holes a bit for them to bolt in.


And since I had so much more clearance with the smaller bumpstops I dropped the front.


So easy to do with a rattle gun, takes about 5mins a side to adjust.

Got about 15mm clearance now and it drives real nice much less boat spec, passengers side shock wont come out so only rocking good suspension on drivers side,atleast its on the right side.

Added the canopy for camping out next weekend, got a camp bed that fits nicely in the back.

Next weeks mission is to get drivers bucket seat in to asses how comfy they would be to run all the time and give everything a good clean so its looking mint

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Time for an update and time the ute got a new engine.

Went on a 780km roadtrip took 11.5hrs including stops, not bad for 3Y power


Had this mongrel as a navigator...


I turned of the highway at Vinegar Hill and took that road through to Feilding for the first time, it makes for a nice change to the highway.

Parked up at the Stormy Point lookout.


Whats under here?




Toyotas finest 80s N/A Twincam 1G-GE straight 6 boat anchor.

It looks like it actually has been used as an anchor theres so much salt buildup and white rust, theres sand allover the block too haha.


As it sits now, stripped bare to clean up the block.


It still turns over fine so pending a satisfactory compression test I wont have to take the head off and can throw it in the lux and hope for the best.

Got the loom ecu radiator airbox with it as well so the conversion should be relatively painless and look factory which is what I wanted.

Discuss ... +greatness

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The tyres on the old Yokohama 352 were shot swapped the original mags back on the rear for now.

Managed to get one rim spit but got a stripped allen head on the other one so its awaiting surgery, put the center between the bands and got this result.



Will end up with a rim just under 8in wide and plenty of dish. Just need to strip the paint off from where someone has painted them and give em a polish, luckily I have a mate with access to a large polishing machine.

They fit real nice front and rear sitting just inside the the flares.

Pretty stoked with the result for a set of $350 wheels :D



A bit a faux camber on the rear and some writing that was on the bands, curious to know what it says.



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Guest HighLUX

Been doing fuck all really except tidying up the 1G-GE slowly doing seals etc.

Painted the rocker covers


Got OS-Lockdrift to machine the centers on a pair of the volks so they can sit between the bands

Just spent the afternoon on the polishing machine at a mates work with the following result, looking pretty good I think



Got new stainless cap screws and nylock nuts to re assemble them once I get the centers powdercoated

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Guest HighLUX

Had a good trip to pickapart last week which scored me a new 4 pinion LSD diff from a surf and some $16 linglongs to try on the pair of rims I polished.

The new diff is a 4.1 so dropped the ratio slightly from 4.3 but it will be sweet when I go down a tyre profile or 2.

Gave the gearbox and diff new oil when I swapped the diff heads, looks like it was the original oil from 1986 the drivetrain is much quieter now.


Had a go at sealing the rims together but failed so will have to strip them and apply more silicone I think.

205/65 linglong balloons look yuck but meh they were dirt cheap and I can kill them with the 1G once its running



Got the 1GGE re assembled and ready for a test fit to see if theres going to be any problems, sump fouling the drag link will be the major one.


This is the current project attempting to make the wiring work, if I suck/fail will just send it to NicTfor him to sort


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Drank way to much last night and woke up hungover but decided to do something on the ute today






Out with the 3Y and in with the 1G-GE for a test fit









Fits awesome and looks like it should of come with it from factory can even use the GA61 radiator with it too ,bonnet closes fine. Going to be no major dramas with anything except the sump is going to need a notch to clear the drag link and running the clutch and fuel likes over the firewall to the intake side.


I scored a set of custom mounts off trademe for $5 that were supposed to be for fitting a 1G into a hilux but they dont quite line up so not quite sure what to do there yet







Will put the 3Y back in tomorow and proceed with getting the wiring and fuel side of the equation sorted then hopefully put the 1G back in good and proper


And a sweet parting shot



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One more piece to the puzzle completed and sitting overnight for a leak test. The oil pickup will need to be cut and shifted forward but no biggie.


Also daily driving a ute with minimal bumpstop clearance is getting to me so once I find a boring daily to putt around in(Camary spec) this is going to come off the road for a long time and I will be purchasing a bulk pack of cutting disks then doing some major surgery to it, perhaps it will never be road legal again.....

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Aquired a couple of things to make this build progress a bit easier now.




Boring new school daily to relieve the ute of it duty.




Crown midsump and pickup cheers to Frosty which should clear the crossmember with minimal or no notching required




Pretty much means I can start fitting the 1G good and proper now and get it running to make sure its a half decent motor, it should be a sweet runner, it has good compression and turns over nicely.


If its running sweet then I look at doing a C notch and some other suspension mods to obtain slam


http://www.oldschool... ... greatness

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And now it looks like this.

Cant complain since it only cost me a box of waikats I helped to drink a feed of Kfry for lunch and a Redbull







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3Y is gone so time to crack into getting the 1G mounted.




Need to cut the engine mounts off the chassis and shift them forward to make it work on the mounts I have plus closer to the chassis rail to get the motor sitting more level. Hopefully the Mid rear sump will clear the drag link without needing any surgery.


Found a 5M-GE powered cressida at pickapart so robbed the wiring loom out of it as it has the same ECU plugs and looks pretty much the same as a 1G-GE loom except for a couple of different plugs. Stoked as finding the bit missing from the 1G loom was proving difficault 

Plan is modify and re pin it to suit the 1G-GE pinout with a couple of plug changes and wires added. Photo shows the 5M loom plugged into the 1G ECU




Wellside is also back on with poorly cut holes for the notch to stick through.Looks like shit but im not concerned as I plan on gutting the floor out to remove some weight. Will leave the braces in and re install the tuff deck to hide it all with nice small holes for the notch.



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Procured tyres from PAP and fitted to rims

195/55/15r kingsomethings




Hoped like fuck that the roofing silicon I used to seal the bands and center together worked and would hold air unlike my previous attempt






So roofing silicon works good to seal rims

Wound that shit down onto the bumpstops, needs moar low which means drop spindles/some other wizardry to achieve this. Flares will be ditched and guards rolled to hellathrush spec

Ewww itchy



and thats my story

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