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Seedy Al's 1980 toyota Crown Wagon, wagoneering Spec

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most of you porobaly dont know that I have had this Wagon for some time now, like, from not long after beach hop even

Got it off Simo 95, thanks to Joe (flange) for flat towing it picton for me man, you are the Fucken Shit, love ya to bits etc

Anyway, the Deal

its a 1980 Ms110 Toyota Crown wagon, bench seat, column change,, dicky seat, all the bizz really.
When i got it, it had been sitting for some time, had no rocker cover or alternator, and a few other things,
So first step was getting it running,
located rocker and alternator, scored both for $50, water pump had siezed, and frost plugs were leaking, so i pulled off the manifolds and fixed all that jazz.

next was the brakes, master cylinder was poop, so managed to match one up of a gx71, which i scored brand new for a box of piss becasue the threads were rusty
So now it braked.

from there i had to rebuild the Window channels as they had pretty much all come off there runnersor rusted out something crazy, plus the seals were super soild, so gave those a mega hot bath for a while and that fixed those too.

Since doing all the work its pretty much sat out the back of Work, waiting for me to get my a in to g.
And now I am, as i want this going for new years.

So since then i have been busy as on it, Fixing the little rust it has (besides the drivers door, which is fucked), getting the temperature and fuel gauges to work (Damn eletrics) and fixing bits and peices, like the broken tail gate handle etc.

Have a few gifts coming for it, have ordered an external visor, which is coming from OZ, which hopefully arrives this year, otherwise it wont be till march!!!!!

Also some wheels spacers, to fit the Gold SSR's off my van onto, and some brand new tires to boot, as the van ones are like a million profile

Um, fuck yeah pics and more later

this is pretty much hope it is at the moment, door is off to fix rust and paint




yeah bench Seat


And my sweet tailgate handle mod,



yes that is how it looks,


Anyway, got to get back to the whore, hope to have it in for warrent for thursday, and still got the other side body work to sort.


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So its thursday and it seems i may just be on track to take this wagon down for a warrent tomorrow

Shit is currently drying off its primer patches, then a sand down and then Paint the repairs

Am damn excited, tired, but excited haha




Fucking exciting i know

And next up, this shit has arrived, Fucken money

Some lovely 215 / 40 / 17's


And some 15mm wheels spacers



Seedy Al

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So after the prime up got it painted over the repairs, testament to how hard it is to match shit paint so that repairs still look shit

but anyway, went nuts till about 1 in the morning to get it down for a warrent on friday, and all it failed on was a loose wheel bearing, not bad for a car that had been sitting for 4 years


So then drove it over the weekend, to find it had a blown head gasket, mother fucker, damn m series

So heads off, had a gasket kicking round but it was for the earlier model motor

So now i have a gasket coming in tomorrow

Also, wheel spacers are being moddified to fit over my hubs correctly, and the new tires are being put on the rims, so hopefully this sunday, i will be ready to slam the whore out


painted over repairs, chose to elave the boot as it needed some character



And one m series with no head on it



So, should have some more interesting pictures very soon


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Oh right

Got my wheels back today with the new tires fitted, jeah Streched wagon spec

Also got my spacers back from the machinest as the centers wernt deep enough to clear over my hubs

So next is lowering and getting a head back on





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Right so,

Went nuts on this thing to get it done for New years, basicly ran of time for taking pics and posting them

things I had to do:

Machine the spacers so they fit over my hubs correctly

Recieve and paint the Visor i got from Oz, turned up on the 23rd, so JUST! haha

Lower the front and rear, although the back needs more

Install CB Radio gear

Install head unit

Reassemble engine and test for driving

oh and get my thermostat housing welded up

the end result of this work resulted in this




the front looks so so so aggresive, especailly with the visor, So glad i invested money into it.

its a shame the back looks a bit boring thoughm keen to make up some rear deflectors to ad some stz to that shit, but wont be before wag nats

But yeah, the front wheels rub on the guards and the back end is way to high still, so todays job, cut out inner guards at front, and lower rear more

Long term plan is going to be air bagging this thing, A little Cheesy, but end result of mega chassis on ground slam will be ultramit. And def not going to be a fancy set up, just up and down thank you.

ok, work time


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Also some pics of it thanks to lee from new years

My wagon collection


Me Getting stuck in the sand


this angle sorta shows what the back would look like frame laying


Anyway enough of this

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So finially lowered the back some more and lipped the guards

Sits much more flat now, will take for a test drive and see if it rubs any more

i hope not

So, i unmollested guards


The result of some cutting (if you can even see it)


tools of the trade for liping in guards,A panel ahmmer, and a leather puch filled with lead balls, works a treat


And the stance, dont know if you can see any difference but i can


Camera one, camera two

bye guys


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not a very exciting update

Decided to paint the grill to make the front more aggressive







And some exciting close ups of my wags



Take that


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So a bit of an update

Went to try to get to Beach hop earlier this year and the whore broke down about 20min into the drive,

Did think it was maybe the slack in the timing change causing issues, so the other day I went to try and rfemove the slack, but it was still noisy so i guess it has run a nice bearing

So now its stage two,


Plan is to get a warrent with the shit engine, and then see if I can fit that in the hole

Toyota 3v engine, came with holly and other bits, thanks R100

Mostly likely going to invlove heaps of work but fuck it will be so sweet

Also, great times, First thing to get warrent is some new rear shocks to keep the rear end captive

So this week plan


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Oh fucken Right then

So I got some new shocks for the rear to make it all captive and stuffs

Think they are suzuki Escudo or something, but as you can see they are shorter by heaps


However I went for a warrent and it failed on a few things, cut springs, to much slam, er. I dont know some other shit(and i had to pull out the new shocks, derrrrrrrrrrr).

Anyway, it looks like this now


ie jacked to shit

but now it has this


But now that it has that sweet sticker, its time to pull the most fucked sounding M series motor I know out of the bitch

So it begins


(yum m series)


And the result of the end of nite one


(fuck taking the front off is more work than it needs to be haha)


Anyway, win, more to come tomorrow

Seedy Al

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Oh right, DaY TWO of stage two

The engine is out, was not to bad after yesterdays work. So some good news really, looks like the bell housing that came with the 3V has the same gear box bolt pattern as the N series box in the car. So i figure n series must pretty much be a g series with different ratios, so that is so sweet.

So I guess tomorrow is the day of fun. bolt up 3v and box, and see what it looks like in the hole. Main concerns are still the coloumn linkages getting in the way of the motor, however after having a look at the M series verse the V, the M's head sits alot further back toward the firewall than the 3V's

Anyway, tomorrow is another day

Engine coming out of the hole


Engine out of the hole, JEAH


Nice hole


the bell housings


And the box



Seedy Al

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Oh fucken k

yes, most of what you have stated is correct Spencer.

Mostly that shit does not fit haha

Current issues to start with.

1) Column shift is in the way of the back of the head, so what i will probabaly do there is either look at changing coloumn from rod to cable, or moddify the angle so that it comes out the fire wall lower

2) The engine wants to sit to high, manly to the sump hitting the chassis at the front. Solution is to notch and moddifretty easy just to get it a little lower

3)the steering rod from left to right also faults the sump, so will heat this up and bend it down both sides to get it lower, pretty easy.

4) it is pretty damn close to the steering box, unsure how this is going to look, so will get it sitting where i want and see what happens. in the event that I have to, may look at mounting motor over to the left a little just to clear it, yuck decision, but probabaly the only way around it.

5) exhaust is going to be pretty interesting, but very do-able

SO whats next. First im going to remove the sump, and the selector coloumn, and probably drop the steering to get it at the right location for a good mock up, and bolt up the gear box to cross member etc.

So, from there will see what I can do about making some mounts. but its all fun and games, but mainly its going to be fucken sweet.

Now some pics

Clutch fits mint on to box




Hi im hanging


Munch munch munch 3v for lunch


And sitting in there (kinda)



So yeah, the party dont start till i walk in

Seedy Al

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OHk ohk ohk

So I am getting back into this as I got a Rack and stuff for $71 from pick a part in the weekend.

So next step. I have removed all the steering stuff from the engine bay to give me maxium room. So Will get engine mounted on my engine crane tomorrow once I buy more chain, Remove the sump and see if I can get it sitting where I want it, See what i have to remove and moddify and all that Jazz.

So the steering stuff



And the hole I have to work with



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Ok, so today i had a bit mor of a play, and looks like i now have the engine sitting about where i want it.

However I need to get a remote oil filter kit and check clearence around that. As it is fucken close, May even need to do some heating and hammering to the cross member to clear it, but im down with that.

However mounts are going to be interesting, as the Chassis mounts are higher than the engin mounts, But im pretty sure i know how i will do them now, so will get card board tomorrow and Start making some templates.

Also going to have to moddify the sump to clear the front cross member, and probabaly also at the back a bit to get the steering rack to sit up at a decent hight, Which means I will wind it out also to get the oil volumn up.

Also hopefully have an exhaust manfold in my hands too so i can geet some flanges water jetted out , looks like there will be just enough room to make something work, will be close to the starter motor tho on the Drivers side.

Anyway pcis






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So mounts are under way

However made one part a little long, so slowly cutting them down bit by bit



hurrah! hopefully have them cut up and tacked tommorrow nite, and also get the manifold to water cutter tomorrow and get some of those made.

Slowly slowly


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Sweet mounts are tacked with the arc thanks to minitruckerus's help, so now is mig time and and make some extra gussets etc.

Also have some exhaust flanges being made tomorrow, so that will be win

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alll right

got my exhaust manifold flanges back from the laser cutters, but cant try them on my yet till the mounts are done as my chain is mounted off the studs

o speaking of which, just cut out the gussets for the mounts this evening, so tomorrow is max welding day. then a simple tidy up on the edges and rounding of corners and the mounts will be on the car, holding an engine in place.

I am excited.

Then i guess as mentioned its start figuring out the steering rack. Depends on what parts I turn up with first.



Seedy Al

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So fucken Bang!!!!

Got mounts made, and now the motor is sitting in the hole all by it self.

Blows me away

But fuck the steering etc is going to be some work, still, all in the name of Jeah

Mounts are pretty heavy duty, but atleast they will work, plus they were weird to design due to engine being lower than mounts









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Oh right. So shit is getting crazy all over the show trying to get everything else to fit.

main issue is trying to get the steering rack to get past the starter motor

So I am now going to be converting my starter motor over from the drivers side, to the left hand side. Bit of work involved, mainly taking decent sections out of the block to make a starter hole.

SO that is this weekends mission, hopefully, if I dont get to crunk

heres some pics from a conversion done in ozzy on the same motor



Hopefully can make mine kinda that neet haha


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