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Nominal's Morris Minor RPU

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SR20DET, 5 speed, standard injection, standard turbo, front mount 'cooler.

Front suspension is clubman/locost coilover style, with Cortina uprights and escort rack. Front brakes are Cressida discs, Subaru calipers on custom hubs.

Rear is 5-link with coilovers on Hilux axle. Rear brakes are discs using 200sx calipers.


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Quick 'closed road' test

Damn intercooler piping keeps coming of the throttle body. Packaging is tricky with the upturned direction of the TB. I'm not sure if it is boost pressure, or the engine shifting on the mounts that is the issue, maybe a bit of both. Will have to try a better clamp there I think.

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No updates for a while. Have been tinkering away on various bits. Found that running the correct AFM (I had a couple sitting around) made a big difference. Had to adjust the mounting though as the connector was in a different location. Have done some more of the basic wiring (Alternator in particular). Doing a bit of panelwork at present as the budget is a bit tight, and this doesn't cost much.

The front bumper is lowered so I've been making/fitting front guard extensions.


Have these wheels on it temporarily, as I found one of them has cracked welds, making the whole set non-roadworthy. I needed the steel wheels back off this from my other car. Don't fit well, but look kind of neat.


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Another few months - another dead EFI pump. For some reason they die after sitting unused in a part-full petrol tank.


So, quick escape from work, racing change into old jeans, and up to pick-a-part in Wingate. Only to find that every modern Nissan (like post-1992) has a plastic pump carrier that is different to the bolt-in one I build my fuel tank around. In the end I pulled the pump unit from a dead Skyline and lashed-up a mounting inside the old carrier I had. So, it runs again, and I can move it off my lift when I get the front wheel back on.


Before I do that I need to get some dimensions on the front suspension so I can draw it up for TAC approval. 6th Form Tech Drawing skills will be called on finally!

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  • 2 months later...

OK, so it is well past time to do some more work on this heap.


As it is currently non-op there was some messing around to get it out of its lurking spot on onto the lift. Not helped by very tight LSD clutches, and limited steering lock. I cut off the bumper brackets that were jamming the wheels which helped.


Used the V6 buggy to push it up onto the lift.






First job is repairing what should be the last bit of rust to be dealt with (I have spent many many many hours on rust work on this thing).




This guard isn't too bad I think.




Looks like someone has patched an aerial hole before.




Inner panel is a bit tatty.




I had the other guard dipped at a place in Tawa, will probably get this one done too.




I've also pulled the fuel tank out as it had a lot of nasty rust inside from sitting around with fuel in it since 2009 (oops).


I made it mostly from zintec coated steel, but some parts were plain panel steel. I've cleaned the inside with strong acid and removed most of the etch primer from the outside. Will get it zinc plated up in Levin soon. Hopefully they can remove the last of the paint.


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Cut some new metal.




Also need two new reinforcing rings that mount the headlight. Rust city.




Scratch up some 3mm plate




Cutting this stuff is a bit of a workout for the Nibbler, but it is quicker/cleaner than using a grinder with cutting wheel, especially for curved bits.




Need to be hammered flat then welded into rings.



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The plating man wouldn't do the fuel tank as-is as tanks don't plate well. So, I cut the top out of it and dropped it off this week. I'll have to weld it back together which will damage some of the plating, but should be an improvement overall. I also welded plate over the bottom of the pump mounting threads - one less place that has to be sealed.


Found this old pic of one of the diff donors. The dude I bought it off drove it up from Waikanae like this, holes and all. Might have been dark. I thrashed it around the paddock a bit, but it was easy to get stuck, and caught on fire once (too much easy-start) so I eventually pulled the rear axle and scrapped the remains.



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Closing off the fuel pump mounting holes - should have done this when I made the tank.




Picked the tank up from Feco this week, Apparently that's all I'll get plated on the inside (electricity is tricky stuff). Looks nice though.






Will weld it back together after BH. Also got the thing mobile again with a temporary 'fuel tank; made from a 1 gal can. Works OK, and better than pushing it around.

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  • 1 month later...

After a long wait to get some more shielding gas from BOC, and dealing with life, I finally have the gas tank back together.


It took a few 'touch ups' with the welder to get it fully sealed on all the seams - I tested with some meths rather petrol (too likely to boom) or water (rust!) this time.


Plating only burned off in the HAZ so hopefully this will work out better in the long run than bare steel. I won't refit it for now.




Also cleaned up the inner guard from the front guard. Needs some work, but not too bad.







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Haven't touched this much lately (i.e last 5 years). It's been lurking in the back part of the garage this year.


It was running when I put it back there, but the fuel pump expired again (pump runs but shoots pressurised fuel out the back of the pump instead of up to the injectors), so we pushed/towed/pushed it out of there and into the main part of the garage yesterday.

Double stacking.


Needs work.


Also acts as storage shelf.


Current plant is to pull the front apart to make drawings of the front suspension for drawings so I can submit them to LVVTA.

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Working on this is a bit of flashback. 

I had made this steel water fitting as the S14 one wasn't right. However the radiator hose was rubbing on the intercooler piping. I picked up a couple of sch 40 bends.


A bit of hacksawing, grinding, and tig welding later....


(tig welding heavy wall pipe is much more forgiving than sheet metal)

Also uncovered the intercooler


And some piping. Might get this hpc coated if the price isn't too steep.




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  • 4 months later...

Something that has always annoyed me is the way the lack of clearance for the top hat of the coilovers - it means they don't sit square and the spring is bent in an arc.


So, extracted the spring/shock from one side (it's been assembled so long that the chrome is looking tatty)


Cut off the old upper mount tabs and fabbed some new., longer ones.


Set up so that the shock is the droop limit, rather than the ball joints


Had to re-wire the switch onto the TIG torch as the foot pedal isn't much use with a car on the floor.


Partly welded one side, the will have to wait until the body is off to weld fully.

Have to take the arms off and take measurements for the cert drawing, then do the other side as well.



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