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Other Projects Rules

This is a new section of oldschool where you guys can show off your non-oldschool cars/bikes, give details of any modification progress, share pictures etc. This section is a privilege for contributing oldschool members who share their old cars but may also have other interesting projects, however, we don't really need to see every members boring daily. There are just a few rules that need to be followed for this forum to stay nice, clean and easy to use:

  • Thread titles must be in the format: Username's Year Make Model
  • ONE thread per project. That is final. If you make a second, it will be deleted. You all have access to edit your own posts, so do that. You may post as many times as you feel like it within your allocated thread.
  • Discussion for other projects will be within the project thread itself. Please keep discussion relevant, any posts deemed unnecessary will be removed by moderators. (this includes token "Phat Ride" posts)
  • Respect the owner of the project, it is their car, they have modified it how they want to, if you don't like it don't comment.

You guys are going to have to use imageshack.us or something similar to host your pics. Don't even try ask us, we are not gonna host your stuff as we don't have the space.
Remember, when you post it will bump your thread to the top, so don't worry if it slips down to the next page.

Moderators and admin will be closely monitoring and following the rules set, so play nice and adhere to what's been set out and it'll be all good.

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