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steelies' 64 ford wagoon

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discussion here

my XM falcon wagon:

- x-flow 4.1

- C4 box, recently changed to column from nasty floor shift

- 14" valiant rims, steel of course, 185/55s

- lowered on compressed coils and blocks, ass is still in the clouds at the mo

- XF disc brakes front, remote booster.

- XW (?.. not sure) diff and drums

- sounds, front & rear plus tweets and sub.. due for overhaul

- just got rid of 'noisy boy' exhaust cut, was great fun.

- elec. fan, the 4.1s too long for a fan with current radiator

- alloy jappa radiator waiting to go in

- more rust and crash repairs than original metal

plans are for ex-aircraft hydraulic suspension, though progress is slow.

thats all i can think of, here are some pics.. please excuse the photo quality, i only have access to average cameras and own a ford so i cant afford one of my own

as i bought it - wow nice cragars :oops:


as it sits now:



as it was: (*sigh*)




^^pesco hydraulic pump, ex DC3


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stuff done over the last few months in prep for wof/reg :shock: and hopefully trip to napier labour weekend: (sorry no pics not that theyd be all that interesting. will put some more up soon i guess)

- mystery noise in front end still annoying the fuck out of me.

- front wheel bearings, brake rotors and pads replaced

- fuel tank actually screwed down now

- sounds reinstalled - rear 4"s, front 5 1/4"s + tweeters, 10" bandpass sub, 2xamp

- new carpet and underlay

- missing scuff plate replaced

- ramflo filter, the motors so oversize the filter has been a cunt to fit in.

- new accellerator cable c/o burkes cycles jeah

- plugs

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in for a wof this morning. didnt even make it home from the garage last night, came over the brow of a hill on narrow street and theres a skyline coming up quick with locked wheels! we scraped down eachothers sides, he bounced off and went into an old womans parked car, she came off worst, skyline had fucked bumper, light and pissing out coolant. i have a big black skidmark plus varying miinor dents and scratches down the side and bent rear bumper..the only bit of chrome that was still straight. he was goin way too fast and i shouldve been further over to the left, doh. sucky. totally over cars all of a sudden!

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- new front shocks, plus 25mm spacers. they arent full rings cos i didnt have any material big enough!

- new idler arm bush

- new swaybar link bushes

- brake linings came away from shoes when we tried to adjust them, in getting relined today.

- pics of scrapy scrapy, not too bad but if anyone knows where i can get another XM/P rear bumper, keen.





oh yeah we took a couple leaves out so now its even worse to drive but more importantly, it looks a bit better

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idler arm bush

swaybar link bushes

gave front brakes TLC

rear shoes re-lined (the lining fell off the shoe while KK was adjusting em haha/poo)

handbrake adjust

tierod boot

got a WOF and REG!

now swap back to small wheels, bit of a tidy up and shes just like a bought one.


ran like a dream to napier and back, a bit hot as per usual.

chur for this picture Lee!


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dusted the hydro parts off and put together the final pump system setup, no sealant yet. new reservoir - old swedish propane bottle. theres a pair of grunty bus solenoids to switch the pump power too, jeah. such a drawn out project.


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updates without pics, always such a ripoff.

pics will come soon.

recently got broken into a day before zolo swapmeat : front speaker pods ripped out, sub taken (all worth about $80 total) small window smashed and door dinged from meatfist break-in skills. would have just given them the speakers to save a window

got new speakers and put a perspex window in

moving on

have taken drastic measures and started cutting etc for hydraulic gear install, she's sitting on lowered bumps in front, and on bumps in rear ie 10mm off frame rail. this gives me 20ish mm from gearbox x-member to ground with noone inside.

thus we have the conclusion i need to find another 25mm of lowerage. but happy at present. 8)

check back soon for some photos

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okay that big jumble of parts posted earlier have formed like voltron into my rear cylinder/arm assemblies ala:


view is from the rear of wag , Alloy bar is where the other arm will be, only showing left side.

grand total of weight added to car will be around fifty hundred million poundograms.

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slowly but surely.. well it looks slow, i've been working my ass off haha. fingers crossed

left side is slammed, right side is raised, demo spec. shit photos dont care

it's all floating in space at the mo as you can see,




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frantic pre-wagnats work has begun.



edit - holy crap i'm a hoarder.. photo includes wag, starlet, bike, velo bike, DX, stationary villiers.

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sucks how the guts hang lower than the sills. will need to put cans under sump or exhaust to achive full crush!

looks a tad lower from standing height of course but TBH on the bumps it looks about as low as CDL's crown on the tiny wheels. damn you slam friendly toyota

- reservoir finished at last, just need to add valve gear supports and mounting tags, then pump system is ready to throw in.

- made wedge shaped 1" blocks to add to new blocks shown above. pinion angle at full sack was atrocious due to gammy leaf setup.

- stroke limiters in rear rams, ie ready to flush and bolt in

- hydraulic hose guru booked for next week

- switches wired

- it started the other day - bonus/unusual

- tea strainer from japan city makes a perfect carb filter

list appears to be changing rather than shrinking, no surprise there.

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