mr.mk1's 1969 Escort Mk1 Coupe

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Everyone Loves a good 69, Especially if Shes Tidy.


Mint Bodied 1969 Mk1 Escort 2Dr


4sp Manual

Black Interior

12" Steelies w/ Good Tyres *thumbs up*

Factory Metallic Green to Shithouse Home Job In Red

Round Lights



Spare Tail Lights

Matt Black Bonnet


Its a Central Otago car = No Rust, 2 Owners, Doors are so nice to close eh, the just slip into place as silent as you like! Seats are Capri numbers, very tidy though.



- Ripped Headlinig (Have a Spare) (decided to have new one made in black or charcoal 5-3-06)

- Replace Heater Ducting (Have Spare) (Done end of '05)

- Replace F.O.R.D Badges (Have Spare) (Replaced with mint set, $5, 22-2-06)

- Pop 2 Tiny Dents Out and Clean Up 10c Sized Surface Rust Spot

- Weber Carb & Manifold (Have a Spare)

- Interior Light All Crumbly (Have a Spare) (done and wired)

- Sump With Baffles, 'Coz It Sounds Flash! (Have it)

- No Round Light Grille, Square One Provided Though! (done)

- Mk2 Centre Console (Have Spare) (went in, came out with interior haha)

TO-DO LIST: _In no Order of Importance_

~ Oldschool Banner

~ Legacy Seats

~ 14x6 Superlites

~ Vista Orange w/ White Pearl (thanks kiwi_rs200 :wink: ) & Plenty of Clear (changed mind)

~ Small Hidden Tacho

~ Tints

~ Quarter Bumpers

~ 110mm Road Clearance

~ 1100 Pistons in Painted Block (CA20 Turbo conversion 5-3-06)

~ Full Urethane Bush Kit

~ Put My Sounds In, Carpet Boot

~ Flared Guards, RS Style (Have access to steel or glass, hmm)

-=Pics Will Come When Daylight Does=-

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_Engine Bay_ (those are leaves and shit, not rust)


_Far Side Rear_


_Front_ (I pulled the front out a bit towing it, like the gimp that i am)


_Front Left_




_Near Side Rear_


_Rear Interior_

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Im gonna reply here coz its mine and im cool.

Got it from Roxburgh, Capris were on either side of it.

Na im not keen on the motor n box sorry, ill ask dad.

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Car is in Chch now, has been for a few months, getting it in a shed this week to do the paint prep, then its off to the boothe we use through work, sprayed, back to shed and a night mish to get it re assembled, and back home to be played with.

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Now im back online after so long ill let you know what the latest is..

It was only really last weekend I got a chance to work on it and in that weekend I got the bitch stripped out and half of it Bare-metalled.

On closer inspection the front left Guard is pretty fucked, Past repairs and the like, but unless a good one turns up that I can stitch straight on, ill just repair it.

The paint scheme has changed yet again but ill keep this under my hat for now, as it will be the only Escort youve seen sporting it and id cry if someone sprayed it before me :wink:

Am back down in Otago for x-mas, but am going home early to get as much done as possible before starting work again on the 4th.

Id like it in Etch before the 4th, so wish me good luck, ol' schoolers!


*Front Bumperettes

*Good Round Light Grille =$30, at Max Wildermoth's being straightened and re-anodised=

*Interior Switches which arent Crispy =Got a mint one for free but will buy new switches and put in place=

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Hey All, Just got the engine 4 the mk1, along with some other goodies..

- Mint Green (colour) mk1 cortina 4dr shell with full fixed cage (some rust and dents, will be fixed and sold.

- Ex-Race CA20 set up for a T3 Turbo - 235hp @14 boost

- Subaru Turbo Radiator with 2 elec. fans

- Stainless fuel cell

- brand new 4 point harness

- spare mk1 bonnet

- Deepdish wildcat wheel.

- Adj front strusts

- 2in blocks and ubolts in rear

- Small intercooler

- Computer and diagram

- spare short block

- cranks, pistons, gaskets, rings and bearings

- 2x FS5W71C boxes

- Clutch

- flywheel

- CA18 Head

- set of skyline tail lights (whyyyyyy?)

All for Eight Hundred Dollars, Cool.

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Car is bare of everything including paint andself respect.

Only a few patches need a going over with the purple wheel and it will be off to the booth for a shot of Matt black Etch.

Ive rebuild the tail and headlights, autosoled the shit out of the chromework, had a bunch of shit Zinc plated, yada yada, Progress is solid.

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Ok, Heres some pictures, the latest:


_Floor stripped of all underseal and sealer_


_My new steering wheel _


_Front on with my special edition footstool_


_Polishing sand blasted lock_


_As-new sandblasted and Zinced locks_


_Side with rear and rear quater blocked_

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Hey all, Motivation lacking presently, managed to get roof and rear panel finished and into primer over the xmas holidays, blocked some more..thats about it.

But I bought this mongrel beast ex hearse a fortnight ago, Keepin in bogan.


Since buying ive tinted rears in 5% and fronts in 35%, sifted round the house and found 2 12's, 2 6's and a Jensen amp. Running off my flatties pioneer mp3 headdie. Goes alright.

Cars all good, needs to be far lower, but all in all reliable and straight.

Discussion @

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Got mildly jiggy with it this AM, finished the bootlid ready for spritz.

God I love it but god I cant be fuckizzled.


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Heres some other cars ive played with or am playing with currently.

Sorta swap +cash sold the black Hearse for this 1300 4spd, standard as beater of a beast:


Took shot 1300 out and put my mk1 esky motor and box in, got warrant, tinted.


Then I finally found the right mesh and painted it, cutties up front and 3" blocks in the bum, swapped noisy box, flatmate blew it, got another mintas box, alternator fell out twice. got 6 of us to a party out in the country n back but made rank noises as tunnel met driveshaft and handbrake cable met driveshaft & diff.



Cops loved it


Mum didnt


Painted rohstyleez black and shortly after sold it to the flatmate for cash and the rest of the Laurel we bought together..



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Been in the shed heaps lately, Finally!

Fixed crushed jacking points,

tacked on trial fit front flares,

chipped underseal off rear of car,

cut off front and got new one fitting-$400 for front panel and lower front support thing thanks Palmside,

took everything out of engine-bay and sat engine in bay and masturbated,

and did alot of thinking about it.

I want it running before late november so I can do skids at my 21st.




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Found my bare metal pictures, so heres one!


Also its ready for the roll-over jig, ive made the front mounting, just need some steel from a mate for the back and ill throw it together.

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mmm, as new restored grille. It would want to be mint for $316 and being away since december 2005!

It was put in the reverse dyes, tapped up where needed, polished and re-annodised, and polished again.

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Ok, so dad and I threw together a rottisserie last Saturday, with relative easy actually,

and now the Escort spins 360 as happy as a pig in mud.

So I got into it and chipped off all remaining traces of underseal with a blade screwdriver,

and thinners-wiped it all down, which took the layer of basecoat off, leaving a groovy Brown etch,

kinda handy I guess.

I left the underseal on the boot floor as ill be putting a "drop tank" in there, and the tunnel needs

enlarged so its still there too. Otherwise NAKED BRIT LIVE NUDES XXX.





Now I gotta buzz round and wire wheel the seams so the welds take mint,

tap out a few wee dents in the floor and weld a few pinholes i discovered.

Mite make up some Gussets and shit too.

Talk about stoked, Ted.

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Sigh. Underside seam welding is done. What a laborious job.



There are still the front inner guards, seat runners and engine bay to do,take about an hour, but ill need to wait until the drive-train goes in for a mock-up and see what needs moved, removed and fabricated before i finish seaming.

They arent ticket-exam welds, but they look pretty good, and hold on like a fat chick with a memphis meltdown.


Both front guards and doors are off. Looks like bugger all of a project left to go now!

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