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User's Projects / Build Ups Forum Rules

In this section you guys can show off your oldschool cars, give details of any modification progress, share pictures etc. There are just a few rules that need to be followed for this forum to stay nice, clean and easy to use:

  • Thread titles must be in the format: Username's Year Make Model example - Dangers 1982 Toyota Corolla KE70
  • Throw some relevant tags into there if you like, Make Model and anything special about the car. example - Toyota, Corolla, KE70, Rotary
  • ONE thread per project. That is final. If you make a second, it will be deleted. You all have access to edit your own posts, so do that. You may post as many times as you feel like it within your allocated thread.
  • Your thread should contain a link to a discussion thread with the same title in the Project Discussions section.
  • Only the person who owns the thread may post in it. Any others will be deleted. If you want to ask questions, comment in the Project Discussion section or use the private message function.
  • You may not use your thread for anything else apart from showing off your car and it's build process. Fuck around and you'll get a warning, second time will result in a ban from the Projects Forum.
  • Please try and keep the number of pictures to no more than 4 to 6 per post. It just takes too long to load if every post in a thread has 10 to 20 pictures.
  • We encourage you to put a link between the discussion and build thread (and vice versa) in the first post of each thread to make it easy for people to find your relevant threads.

Remember, when you post it will bump your thread to the top, so down worry if it slips down to the next page.

Moderators and admin will be closely monitoring and following the rules set, so play nice and adhere to what's been set out and it'll be all good.

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