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Found 3 results

  1. For those of you who know me, know I'm a mitsubishi pest. For those who know me even better, know I'm an absolute sucker for mk2 mirage wagons. Spotted this wee duck when we first moved to chch about 3 and a half years ago parked at muscle car madness. Shat my daks tbh, JDM spec twin sunroof wagon. First one of them I'd ever seen. Having seen it around a few times since then and pining hard everytime I knew I needed to acquire it at some point. Fast forward to a couple months back and @azzar found out that it resided only a couple blocks away from me. So of course I did what
  2. Okay so this is my nana spec mirage that I daily drive, only things not factory is the seat covers, stereo and window tints She runs the big block 1.2 liter power house with a race shift kitted 3 speed automatic transmission. Doesn't like going over 80kph but that's just a safety feature to keep your license Currently on the hunt for a steering rack if theres any around? Costs roughly $60 to fill from empty and that last me two weeks sometimes, cheaper than driving my bt50. Would look sweet lowered on some 13s or 14s but other than that I'll just drive the shit ou
  3. Hey all, Finally got around to making a thread for the beast that we picked up from ZebraDude not too long ago. Title says it all, its an 83 Mirage panther II. This is a NZ new Todd motors car. At the moment we're just getting it up to rego standards. Got a Carjam report so hope to use it as evidence and keep the black plates. After the reg is sorted it's probably gonna get repainted silver. Was going to give it a set of hotwires later on too. -jackeo21 (it's hard to get pics where it is)
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