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Found 5 results

  1. Discussion thread : Hello Gents, I have been watching this forum for a while to gather helpful information on this little project car I have. Being in America it is very hard to find parts and proper information on modifying starlets. So here I am to pick your brains for all the great Starlet knowledge you all have. The plan for this little guy is to compete in Auto Cross at the local level. I already have a 240SX drift car, So now I can use this as a grip car. THE BACK STORY The year was 2003, I was a junior in high school in Beautiful Bozeman, MT. My best friend Gabe got this little hatch for his first car. Totally stock 1983 Starlet 2 door with the mighty 4KE motor. We used to drive this hatch around thinking we were Colin Mcrae. Hitting jumps at 45mph and attempting to "drift" turns around town. He was a terrible driver and because of it the Starlet suffered. All four wheels were bent from hitting curbs all the time. So as time went on Gabe moved away and the Starlet sat at his dads warehouse for over ten years. One day Gabe came to town and he said I could have the starlet if I took good care of it. So that is exactly what i did. I picked up the starlet with my trusty trailer and brought it to my dads house. Gotta love that custom wood grill. Nothing like having a park bench for a rear bumper. USDM bumpers are MASSIVE. The rear end is in great shape(thank GOD) The interior was pretty rough from years of teenager abuse and sitting. Missing the center dash vent and the seats were junk. Windshield totally busted from angry child syndrome. Steering wheel has garden hose wrapped with electrical tape. Real Classy. Open the hood and behold the awesome 75HP of the Toyota 4KE! Motor has 150K miles on it. YEARS AND YEARS of dust on the engine.
  2. Swannie

    Swannie’s KP60

    Long time stalker, first time poster. So I brought this NZ new 1983 KP60 Starlet back in August, and will be giving it a spruce up over the next 2 years. The end goal is to do the MG classic meeting at Manfeild in November 2020. I’m only the 5th owner, the first 3 being old ladies and the last being an older guy that had it for 20 years, so it is all original with a genuine 408,000km on the clock. still on the original 2K, but it’s pretty tired.
  3. Hi , started building this around 5 years ago, originally was going to Just have a cage, hilux diff and run a mild 350 chev, but like all projects Its progressed and ideas changed so now it is a full tube chassis running A 454 chev big block turbo with a powerglide. Its got a very short 9' diff behind all of that spinning 15x15s wrapped in 31x16.5x15 slicks. The last couple of years nothing much has been done on it but i have Been working on it over the last few months so now have all the small, Tricky bits to do ha. Hopeing to have it running end of this year fingers crossed. Below is a bit of timeline pics from the build so far. Cheers for looking Chris
  4. piazzanoob

    Kp60 starlet no spark

    Hey guys a couple of days ago I tried to start my 4k and as I was cranking it over I realised that I had removed the distrubtor rotor so I put that back in and still no go. And it was going sweet prior to this So as it is it has no spark Still has a points ignition Have tested the coil and found it had shorted itself Placed another coil in and wired one to the positive feed and earthed the other to the engine And I'm still not getting any spark Have checked all the fuses As it is water is leaking onto the relays Still need to test them Does anyone had any simlair issues Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
  5. well i use to be a member of this club couple years ago thorght i sould join back up my old school ride is a 1981 kp60 starlet been building the car for over a year now most of the motor is done just needs water pump done motor is runing sidedrafs and a k50 gear box with custm fly wheel body has fiberglasd flears molded on and it has also been depumerd