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Found 4 results

  1. Well, I have had a build thread going on Ausrotary forum for many years, due to the snails pace rebuild of this old Mazda, Thought I would be better off copying over a condensed version here as the car is in NZ after all. The plate DABUZZ was originally on a 1974 Mazda RX4 coupe, that was fairly well known in the early-mid 2000s around the Auckland rotor scene, had that for 11 years, and sold it to buy a house (no Regrets) Was a factory 13b car (only 12a cars were ever sold new in NZ) private import from Aus, which was repainted when I got it, and had a mild stage 2 13b in it Over the years it grew to a Microtech Injected 4/71 Supercharged s5 Rx7 13b, s5 gearbox, and plenty of other mods. Took home a few trophy’s at the 4&Rotary nationals, and was just a general fun street car, wasn’t big in power, but got along OK, and sounded incredible.
  2. Right. So. In 2012 I bought myself a birthday present. It wasn't a very good one. Trawling through trademe I found an rx2, a series 3, which seems to be the most common rx2 in whakatane. I'd loved the shape for years (though I'm admittedly more partial to a series 2 but yeah). It was reasonably cheap at the time, though hindsight is a bitch. Bought it sight unseen (fail) under the illusion it was 95% panel beaten. I won't out the guy who owns an online inject/carburetor distribution company out of his house in West Auckland, but yeah, 95% panel beaten in dorkland obvs means 95% bog and 5% rust. Sadface. I'm persistent though (still ask for Le Snacks when mum goes shopping) and I commited to at least getting a motor in it, doing a burnout and then probably retiring it to be a dog kennel (or sell it to sr1600 who, with no space available at his house, wants to turn it into a track car). To date I've stripped it back to nothing, know all/most of it's imperfections (shitty patch panels, holes, panels that were tacked on to hide the original panel which could've easily been repaired, though I fear what is under the faux sill panels), have picked up a bunch of spares from a gc in papamoa, have picked up a 13b chur bo block from sr1600 (which came out of my brothers car a couple years ago to make space for the 20b that lives under the stairs) and I trawl the internet daily for cool shit that I'll probably never get around to. Plan is to finish replacing the shitty repair work and get a straight (enough) body, then probably do some dumb shit and cut it up to make something cool that will make me smirk like a special person (mum says I'm special). EDIT: /discussion thread
  3. Not a major build. Just getting my rx2 coupe ready for Classic Trials later in the year. Discussion Thread //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/43873-popwills-rx-2-of-awesomeness/
  4. So anyways, I'm coming home. Headed to Aus in 1998, took a detour to the UK in 2003 and now it seems I'll be back where I started towards the end of the year.. Anyways - I was lucky enough to stumble across a poorly Mazda about 4 years ago. 1 not so careful owner had seen the engine give up the ghost at 19,800 miles upon where said owner lost interest and parked it up. In 1981. Roll ahead 40 years and it falls into my hands looking a bit sad as you'd expects, but otherwise very complete and unusually, for a UK car with salted roads every winter, relatively rust free. This is how she sat: I'll get up to present day over the next couple days as it's getting late here..
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