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Found 5 results

  1. Well I got me another van Plans are bright yellow, chrome bumpers, Mexico front lip, fishnets, 13x6 superlites and a 2lt Pinto + 5 speed type 9.
  2. Hi all I'm about to start on a 2l pinto conversation on my mk2 escort panel van and am wondering if anyone has any helpful tips or pointers. It was originally an auto so the tunnel is big enough. I have purchased everything from radiator to diff but know nothing about these engines so any info would be great. Cheers Matt
  3. seems there is a bit of an Escort van thing going on, so here are a few pics of mine, that I bought this week. Has a 2.0 Pinto and type 9 5 speed, and goes pretty much like you would expect one to (now that it gets full throttle and not just the half it had!) Someone has spent a lot of money on it (not me for a change) and it is quite a nice old thing to drive. Thinking about panelling over side windows, and converting to "proper" panel van. Not sure I am sold on the 14" Minilite replicas though. I think I like these old 13x7 Cheviot Tridens with BFG's better, for a bit of 70's style bling! Longer term plan is to fit Mk1 bubble arches, and 15x8 Miniltes. Also sport quarter bumpers, and a couple of big Cibie driving lights. And basically anything else that you did to an old 2.0 Escort!! Conrad discussification thread: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/43967-brown-dogs-1980-escort-van/
  4. Hey all, Im new to old cars and have been given a 1963 mk1 cortina rolling shell with some pretty gruesome rust (pics to follow shortly) and a 2l pinto engine (not in it). What do I need to know to put this engine in.....? Any pitfalls or traps I should look out for? Has anyone done this before and created a definitive how to guide? What sort of brake and susp upgrades would you recommend? Ive looked about online and seen heaps of cool pics of the same conversion but only vague write ups. Any help would be appreciated, Cheers Vin
  5. wel it all started a long time a go when i was 16 and i was like fuk i want that cortina S!!! so $700 later it was mine, it had turbo mags!!! a louver on the back window!!! I was so cool with it lol. 6 months later failed a wof, cudnt be fucked fixn it, parked it under trees. bout 2 years later a gravel sprint was on, 1 week before it was on i joked to ma mates dad i shud turbo the cortina and use that, he was like fuk off you couldnt do that in one week, tuesday had it going. haha. sucking through a solex twin choke sidedraft carb. had a t3 turbo. went very very well, til the water pump fukd out on one of my last runs. as time goes on it progressed to injected, intercooled, link, bov etc etc. it is quite fast now. the car is still standard apart from the big brakes and my cool ags (angle grinder style) bonnet vents. currently has 120kw at wheels 670nm torque at wheels here a couple of pics
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