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Found 4 results

  1. The BSA Dandy. Possibly the worst bike ever built, a massive failure and rightfully despised as a prime example of shoddy engineering, poor build quality, penny-pinching design, and failing to address known issues. Few in number, gross, and only admired by weirdos. I've got 3 of em... 1 complete blue and red one, suitable for restoration/unreliable 2-smoke pesting. 1 green thing with most bits, incl engine, suitable for a frankenbuild. 1 grey frame, mostly there, suitable for parts. So tentative plan is to restore the good'un (painted similar to above), bang a jappa-knees engine in one, and make an electric one. All 3 to be used on one plate, if things ever get that far. (Cant be bothered getting my good one out for pics so here is some background and pics of what they should look like): What is the Dandy? The 70cc Dandy ‘scooterette’ was originally a unit construction, 45x44mm two-stroke single, riding on 15in wheels. It included the scooter virtues of weather protection, some concealed mechanicals – the carburettor was out of sight behind a slotted cover in the crankcase – and a step-through frame. It was female-friendly, and BSA’s publicity invariably featured lady riders in skirts. Its many ingenious features for novices included (to spare footwear) a hand starting lever down on the left, but after a journalist broke a prototype, production models featured a left-side kickstarter. For compactness, the rear swinging-fork was attached to the backward-facing, horizontal engine unit. Brackets joined the crankcase to the right fork’s pivot position on the pressed steel frame, with the single cylinder forming part of that fork. On the nearside, a further steel pressing mounted on the gearbox formed the left fork arm. The front forks were leading link, and the brakes four-inch front and rear. The gearchange was equally innovative, featuring a two-speed pre-selector. Turning the left twistgrip towards you for first, as shown on a metal indicator next to the grip, and nothing happened until you pulled in the clutch, and released it to move away. For second you twisted the grip all the way forward and repeated the procedure, with neutral in the middle. Electrics were via a flywheel mag located in the middle of the crankcase, along with the points. The Dandy weighed in at 115lbs, claimed 130-plus mpg, and had a top speed on test of 33mph. What went wrong? The original design specified a heat-dissipating alloy cylinder with a chrome bore, but the production barrel became cast iron, and hot running meant that piston seizures were far from unknown. However, the real problem was the buried points. To get at them (a common maintenance task in the 50s) you had to remove the rear shocks, the electrical connections and the clutch. Then the bike wouldn't stand up, so you had to 'hang it from the rafters'. On the clutch there’s a set of fingers that engage with the flywheel. You had to separate them and move the flywheel to get at the points. 'It’s a half-day job. The desire to meet advertised costs also meant shortcuts were made (the stand is a bit of bent wire) and none of the known issues were addressed. The concept was sound, but it took the Japanese to do things properly a decade or so later where they revolutionised personal transport and sold millions of small, reliable, cheap runabouts... [TLDR] a good idea, ahead of its time, fucked up by British engineering and cost cutting, so essentially a bloody terrible thing, possibly the worst bike ever built by Britain, hence the attraction...
  2. RotaNate

    Suzi FA50

    Havnt done one of these in a long time and with summer coming up I’ve been seeing a lot of builds I follow pop up with updates as they edge closer to completion. This got me to thinking...I’ve been tinkering with something trying to get it ready for summer, why aren’t I documenting it! So here I am This is my 197something Suzuki FA50 Bit of history on how I ended up with her... I always had the mentality of ‘scooters are for fags, why don’t they get a real bike!’ But after being taken out on my first ‘scooter mish’ with a few of the lads, that perception all changed! It was a blast! Cheap to run (I think I spent $7 on petrol for the whole night), no WOFs to worry about and cheap registration. Not to mention you can practically go anywhere on them. From there I was hooked. I owned a couple of newer scooters I bought off mates (it’s how I have most the things I have...cheers boys!) and now we get to here. i was in the process of buying the bad boy pictured below...A Suzuki SJ50QT I hadn’t yet payed for it when the FA50 popped up for sale from the brother in law and at a price I couldn’t resist! Loving almost anything pre 80’s I had to have it! i had a chat to my mate I was buying the SJ50 off and we ended up coming to an agreement. He didn’t want the hastle of selling so said if I sold it over the price I was going to buy it off him for I could keep the profit for my self So I sold the SJ50 for $150 more than I bought it for from my friend and that was just over what I needed to pay for the FA50. So esstianlly through a few GC’s I pretty much got the FA for free!
  3. Hey guys first time poster long time watcher. I am based in CHCH study mech engineering at UC and I have acquired this old suzuki moped. Looking on here it seems this bike is a bit of slut and has been the project of many people. The following is what I understand has been done to it. Top end rebuild New points Paint job Currently it has a few issues included a cracked clutch engager worm gear (no clutch), leaky fuel tank, missing kick start lever, no wiring, no seat and the paint has gone all faded. I have had her running and she goes pretty good. From what I understand these have a dc motor inside of them that is used as an alternator as well as a starter so that shouldn't be too hard to wire up. So the plan is to sort the clutch and fuel leak so I can get it running properly and then start to sort the wiring. Probably wont worry about the kickstart as the spline is screw because someone had a crack at welding the lever on. Should be sweet with the electric start anyway and I can push start it until i sort out the wiring. Also pretty stuck for ideas on a seat that would suit this style bike with the low down fuel tank. Anyway would love to hear from any of the guys who have worked on this for some tips and ideas. Heres a pic of the bike and the cracked clutch worm anyone know where I can find this part?
  4. I picked up my C50 on the weekend, complete with a rego.. lookin forward to a summer of no wofs!
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