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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, figured i better get some pics up of the daily hack, (to brokenarse poor to get something 'respectable).Spending most of the time & money driving & fixing it- + buying random shit i may not end up using in it. A pic of the weedy little slug that motivates it, a rousing 45 ponies @ 5000 revs when it was on the rollers a while ago, has a wee bit more coz i've been fiddling @ a pic of what we want to stuff inside it, top crank is avenger bottom is........ toyota. Why? why not i like the idea of it looking relatively standard, AND its a 20mm stroke increase- 1500 out to @ 2L is the plan Discussion Thread
  2. Hi, here you all can discuss my 'efforts' to turn an old mans only car into something respectable. Plans are to make it move faster than a lethargic snail & look good doing it. Engines under way slowly, bored & stroked avenger motor is the plan- yea could've gone jap, lots of options there but thats easy, like the idea of it all looking period to confuse people when they want to know how it goes so fast
  3. Well its been loooong over due to do up another car so heres the discussion for my build which I'll drop the link too below Enjoy
  4. Discussion Thread here : Salvaging EVERYTHING but bare shell pics : last flight vid : (nearly cried NEARLY!) re-birthed ex T-weir shell with cage (he has more history of it that I have forgot) Pics assembling : Ruanui Rd 1st outing - Bent drivers side front : Otaria Road in car Vid : Pics - bent Pasengers side front : R tried some Italian Solexes which gave grief s***ty running vid : return to Strombergs = 35kw yeti's Dyno 2010 vid : Pics : custom made CNC ACM panel adapters to fit Ramflo's I bought for the solex's (to be reinstalled when I have time/money to pay for a tune) SKIDS : EDIT : (pix and vid's as I find them on my pc's) Discussion : http://www.oldschool.co.nz/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=24727 My wood/work shop Spares down at Wilf's have since found at least 2 more to scrounge from
  5. FB link pic could be a good pre-Nats meet or dry run for those getting theor cars ready for a trip to Raglan! @Gasser @BillyTong @baby k somone tag that Audi guy @Cazza @Duddley @Leebo3
  6. [Update Sep 2019] turns out there was a wiring link missing on the supply to the resistor block was never there, now car runs better than it ever has in 2 years had a mate looking her over, he says "hey you've not got that jumper #5" makeshift Jumper, which I'll probably never upgrade [Update Aug 2019] Had the second hand Res Block fail while driving to Palmy Meet Have replaced with a brand new unit Now car only runs for 3 or 4 seconds then dies Appears Electrical ie not fuel related Has anyone experianced something like this & got any tips? [SOLVED tl:dr Resistor block failed : but read on to see some steps on problem solving with Electronic ignition in my Hillman Avenger] So drove to work yesterday, Parked all normal (over the Saddle Road) went to go to lunch & hey that's weird Car fires but wont 'run', heaps gas & sounds like its all fine until I return the key to On position, car dies I realise it's fairly basic switching & wires but a little over my head if anyone can dumb it down for a wood worker Started with the Ign switch inspection (thought it was main fault at first as a little wiggle caused the Alt light to blink) then tried a second hand unit with exactly the same results, starts but doesn't run so I'm a bit stumped, checked fuel in line, car runs good with the key in starter position (can rev it a little bit & don't want to wreck starter etc) more pics & Diagrams & maybe I've answered own question with the manual? Ballast resistor? And I'm running Electronic ignition from a later model so other than the chances of the second ign switch having same fault (unlikely) which most obvious Sparky boi have I over looked"? Internal guts of the ign switch are fairly simple too only one contact covering 1/5 > 3/2 1 : to Starter motor 2 : Acc 3 : Dash 5: (labeled it 4 on sticker) is main feed from Battery
  7. Good evening and welcome. I sold up my "modern" car and bought a Hillman Hunter. The initial plan was to buy and maybe slam on wide steel, but after an eventful evening, i think i'll just keep it nice and factory and do a little bit of resto work on it. here's some pics from the day i bought it very potato spec pics Here's some pics from it's first proper drive with me behind the wheel and here's a pic from an hour into its first drive. and that's my story. Discuss here
  8. Hi All, I though I would start posting abut my latest upgrade to my 1965 Hillman Super Minx. A few months ago I bought 2 Weber IDF 40 down drought carburetors to fit. I know it will never be a speed daemon but I just like building things. Carb's are new to me as I mostly work on injected engines so this was bit of a learning curve (still is). I will add some more posts of the build when I get more time. Here is a photo of the carbs when they arrived
  9. project : //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/35489-1tons-marvel-of-an-avenger/ looked staunch as in black dude
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