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  1. Cut and pasted For Sale speech: Body: predominantly rust free, a few surface specs etc. Was resprayed in arcrylic laquer just over a year ago. Tailgate has been debadged and someone had put bonnet pins on the front at some point. tint strip Motor:1300 xflow with ported head, hot cam, new valve guides, ramflow, coby extractors, performance leads etc. Blows no smoke and sounds awesome. Drivetrain: Rebuilt low mileage gearbox with new thrust bearings etc. Low mileage diff. Suspension: New kyb shock inserts in the front, monroe adjustable air shocks on sedan leaves with 12mm lowering block in the rear. Standard wheels with good to new 175 tyres all round. Interior:MINT dash, racing steering wheel, cream ghia seats (thanks josh) Good carpets, mint customised centre console, white dials etc. Rear seat has been removed and a custom platform is in place with a single mattress. All new wall panels in the rear. The mint rear seat and original seats can come with the car. Probably forgotten shit. Give opinions on what its worth. Or die.
  2. just got it, all standard..gonna get some mags and round headlights soon and then the paint and brakes and a new diff and then a new engine.
  3. Well I paid $300 for it about 3 years ago when I was 14 , it was red, rusty and neglected. Only had one owner, but he became unable to drive so it sat in his backyard for 7 years.... ) Done all the work on it myself to get it to the stage its at now: Sorry, no before pics as yet http://img45.echo.cx/my.php?image=317nm.jpg Pretty much fully stripped and rebuilt everything - suspension, brakes etc, so even the underbody is mint Its dropped 4" at the rear and 1" at the front, on cortina struts. The pinto should even up the ride height tho, if not then I'll raise the back an inch or so.... I just started the 2.0 litre, 5 spd conversion last weekend. Only got the block in there at the moment because im still finishing off the head. Also still need to get hold of the gearbox. Heres a couple of pics on its progress so far anyway: http://img20.echo.cx/my.php?image=2ltr1zi.png http://img51.echo.cx/my.php?image=2litre1ik.png They were taken from a phone, at night so theyre not the best quality. Also not the best angles because I had to avoid the glare from the light, so yea. Ill post up some better ones soon anyway.
  4. Hi all, Just thought I’d stick some info up about my current car, she’s a 1972 MK1 Escort Mexico, I’ve had her since June 04, So far I have had all of the body sorted and re-sprayed, Blown up my engine!!!! Had my engine fully rebuilt, balanced and lightened etc. I help to run a UK based web site dedicated to keeping the love alive for all of our Old Skool Fords. http://www.oldskoolford.co.uk Here is a link to my car. http://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/phpBB2/vi ... php?t=5033 • 1700cc X Flow from BOSS RACING ENGINES • Bored to +.090 & new AE pistons with valve cut-outs • Competition main and big end bearings • Competition front pulley • Lightened flywheel • Full Balance crank rods, pistons etc. • Big Valve cylinder head • Kent 244 Cam shaft & Kent cam followers • Kent double valve springs • Oil Cooler • Fully lightened and balanced • Twin 40 Webber Carburettors & K&N’s • Sport Sump • Facet silver top fuel pump & filter king • H&H Performance Distributor • Custom electric ignition & matched coil • Battery in boot • 4 speed 2000E Gear Box • Milton Race Preparation quick shift gear kit • Lowered approx 2” all round • Single rear leaf springs • Rear roll cage • Full re-spray by Davies Panel Works with ‘Sprayed on plates’ • Original Webasto style sun roof • 7” x 13” Minilites with 175/50/13 Tyres • MK2 RS2000 Front Recaro’s Anyway, hope you like Colin
  5. pic is pretty old.. will hope for more soon.. they were the last pics i got.. bad shots and quality but oh well... will pose more later when im home..
  6. Heya i posted on here ages ago when my car was in the process of being rebuilt, and just thought i'd post up again as it is now finished...so here are the pics. Let me know what you think, Cheers Krista http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v635/ ... ort002.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v635/ ... ort003.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v635/ ... ort005.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v635/ ... ort008.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v635/ ... ort009.jpg Discussion: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/18951-mk2-girls-escort-discussion/
  7. well finally got my coupe back and is on the road now still lots of work to be done, but atleast its on the road.. got lots of plans for it once ive paid off all my bills Will get some pics soon
  8. This is my fourth Escort, which I guess isn't bad for 16. I currently own 3 MK1's, this is the new road car. I also have a 4AGZE powered show car in the making, and an ex-rally car. I bought it engineless from a member at hot-escort.net, with plans to put the motor out of my rally car into it. (specs below) Honestly I don't know what's going to happen to this car in the long term, right now I just want to get it on the road so I can go cruising, then I'll worry about everything else. As is now "Kermit" Green Paint 15x7 Sapphire Cosworth Rims Alpine Stereo System Custom Interior Sports Exhaust Celica 5 Speed Gearbox Alloy Rollcage Clear Lenses Current Plan 15x7" Performance Superlites. Worked Pinto with twin 45's. Few little touch ups. Put "ESKIE" numberplates on. Get it out cruising![ )] Engine Balanced 2lt pinto. Vernier cam. GP1 valves. Twin 45 Webers. Double valve springs. Bored 30thou over. Anyway here's a couple of pictures as is, I'll take some better ones once the engine goes in and I can give it a good clean. It's got a custom boot install too, which I will try and get around to posting pictures of. Thanks for checking it out, Blake.
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