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Found 6 results

  1. for those interested in an already involved project here is my dads 1965 Pontiac Bonneville when it was raced in the 80s it has beefyer swaybar in the front and one put in the rear. the front suspension has been lowered and aligned for racing and good turn in. disk brakes are installed in the front to replace the drums. along with a dual circuit holden hq master cylinder. the motor is the original matching numbers 389 couples with a th400 trans also original and untouched driving a 2.56:1 diff also original. the car is now just giong to be used as a awesome powerful cruiser. with some racing heritage. He has had the car 40 yeas this year. the last 20 of those it has resided in the garage in hibernation. during the new year i set about installing the 389ci v8 back into the car and making it run and drive.....stopping was another issue.....later though as typically an old car does it has some rust so that will need dealing with before i go for a wof nothing to bad just a little in the radiator support panel/cross member , both c pillers around guttering, right rear door shut area and the left rear dogleg . all fixable though. this is how i went about fixing the radiator support panel... just take the whole lot out and put it on the bench....... much easier drive down the road to wals... no bonnet....no reg..... no wof...no worries for those interested i have some old racing photos of the car from the 80s. i will try take more photos of what i do on the car.
  2. I've always wanted a cheeky little 2002. Now I have one! Discussions! It's a 1971 and was last registered in 1993 and was never put on hold. So I'll have to go through all the hoops to get this thing on the road again. Awesome shape for it's age. Everything's there except for a few interior trim bits missing and headrests, but should hopefully be able to get em with not much worries. Externally there's a bit of rust in tops/bottoms of both doors, along the front of the bonnet and a bit of a hole in the sill on the drivers side. Other than that, it's straight as. It looks like it's had a bit of a bad respray at some stage as the top coat is flaking off badly on the roof and other parts. The bonnet is from a tii version and is a lighter shade. However I'll be sanding it all back and will get it resprayed heaps betterer. Power comes from a 2ltr Mazda 4cyl and wont turn over. We're thinking something's up with the fuel line as it wants to crank over, but doesn't. Meh. No worries though.. If you know me, then I'm all about the engine swaps! The engine bay is pretty little and tight. I'd love to stuff a m50b25 (DOHC 2.5ltr 6cyl) under there, but I want to stick something of the same make in there without much hastle and modification to firewall etc.. So I might have to settle down and go with a 4cyl. There's heaps of documentation out there and kits to swap in m42b18 (DOHC 1.8ltr 4cyl) which sounds like a decent option and something I could have a crack at myself. So yeah, plans are to tidy it up lushly, replace all the cracked door/window rubber, swap out the dildos mazda engine for a modern bmw engine, maybe a set of coilovers, then get it cert'd and legal. After that, fun stuff like wheels and maybe a front airdam will finish it up super sweetly. Thanks Sparkle for posting this up on marketplace ready for me to pounce on!
  3. The story of a very sad Technics SA-T470 Receiver. Saved from the scrap. I was told by fans of OldSchool to put it up there as something different, as I believe they are Retro/OldSchool just not of the automotive kind. Thats my mint one but This is how it looked when I got it. You cannot really tell that is been dropped hard on its face apart from the missing selector tuning shafts on the very right of it, and the face has been pushed in 14mm at selector shaft. The purpose of getting it was to keep the other three going. But as they are one of the most indestructible amps I’ve ever used, so I see no need in having a parts amp. Solidly built in 1981ish by Fisher & Paykel, Consolidated and some bits from Japan. There a total oddball, the tuner in them is from a Technics ST-8080 with the board rearranged and a few modifications and are notorious for being out of adjustment at this age. So overall they’re sort of based on a Technics SA-5550 which would be the Japanese equivalent. So the first thing to do is see if there is any life in it, plug it in oh wait there is no fuses in and that is just the start. Fuses and stuff in, it trips the RCD dodgy power switch going to ground and some life, I managed to get both channels after a lot of soldering up cracked joints and tracks...... then smoke, a suppressor blows Can you tell which one it is? The shear amount of dirt, grinding dust, overspray, glass and more dust causes problems so magic it away(this took many hours)and its clean. Thanks to Michael I got a new piece of glass cut for it and it showed me how out of shape everything was. So a total dismantle and a straightening of the frame was in order. this proved to be quite hard, literally. They are made of a lot of metal and are solid!!!!!!! It makes me wonder what they did to it to get it this bent. I have pioneer TS-X11 out of a crash vehicle and they’re less damaged but they are a good substitute for a brick. many pieces of wood later and a sore arm from belting the shit out of it, its kind of square.For the selector and tuning shafts I ended up turning up a new ones on a lathe out of brass and circliping them in there. I'm slowly going through and replacing all the eletrolytics (capacitors). so now it works like new and looks good apart from the odd scratch. the top got sanded and new veneer glued and pressed on it. The grill got attacked by a wire brush and a coat of gloss black, looks great
  4. Hi all, Just got this Fiat Panda in the weekend as a daily light run around. I'm posting because if anyone in New Zealand knows good connections for parts / wrecking it's you guys. Put $40 in the other day from empty, almost put it up to full! So will see how many k's I can get for it! <a href="http://s1235.photobu...58b42.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1235.photobu...ps3b058b42.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo EngineBay_zps3b058b42.jpg"/></a> At the moment, just wanting suggestions for who to go to for parts... They aren't as common as the Uno, and although some of the running gear is interchangeable a lot of it isn't. Cheers, Isaac
  5. Here are over 500 Drag Racing pics from the Recent Nostalgia Drag Racing event from Sydney and then the mid week Street Meet. Nostalgia Racing: Nostalgia Pits: Wednesday Street Meet
  6. So..... Sunday 10th March 11am - 3pm Massey University Campus, Eastbourne Rd, around the block from usual Massey carpark- refer map. Auckland Cruise details: from Westgate outside BK or from Greenlane outside McD's 10.15am meet and 10.45am depart Map here previous meets info here http://www.toycrazy....classicjap.html
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