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Found 5 results

  1. About a year ago, I indulged myself in my sickest fantasies and got myself an XJ40 Jaguar. Was planning on getting a later (post 1990) 4.0L one, but this one came up for sale closer to home at a reasonable price, so instead I ended up at the other end of the spectrum (oh there's a spectrum involved here) and got a pretty early (around Jan/Feb '87, production started in Oct/Nov '86) 3.6L Sovereign, complete with 80s funk digital dash. She's fairly solid/tidy, haven't done many km's in her due to being busy as fuck at work, study and home DIY, but have sorted out a list of things to so
  2. https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/59315-indiana_jones-1987-jaguar-sovereign-xj40/ (Shameless ripoff of Thousand Dollar Supercar's thread)
  3. This is where we get to talk oil leaks, poor brakes, electrical issues and the reason why this needs a rotary engine.
  4. I know Seedy Al will be keen to soak up some sweet british machinery. From the flyer: DATE: 12 February 2017 PLACE: Trentham Memorial Park TIME: 10am to 3pm (or earlier to set up) ENTRY: $5 per display vehicle ENTRANCE: Use Barton Road, off Fergusson Drive, Upper Hutt There will be plenty of BMC products, pommy fords, and other spiffy motoring oddities
  5. Okay so i'm sure you're all familiar with this car.... I saw it on Trademe a couple of months ago and it wasn't far from home so i decided i had to have it. Got in touch with Jake and set up a time to go and have a look. I jumped in my ute with a mate and we head over. Eventually found the place, checked out the wagon and a after a quick driving lesson and loading up a ute full of spare parts we were off back home. The thing was so low it looked cool as fuck. But when my mate who was following in my ute said that it was throwing sparks out the back, and when I couldn't back it out
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