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Found 12 results

  1. Thought I might as well finally make a build for my car. I bought this MX5 as a rolling shell to replace my one which I wrote off at a drift day. Purchased as a rolling shell, the paintwork was pretty rough, had a cracked screen, no interior except a dash and steering column. First job was to get the windscreen removed so i could get a spare one installed. After removing the dash to get access i cut the screen out using a stanley knife then discovered why it had cracked. Found a small rust patch going up the entire side of the windscreen, so had to grind that out and prep it before getting AALAWS to install the new screen. Next thing was to swap all the rear panels, polybushed arms and the 7" torsen diff. Then was on to removing the engine and gearbox (Standard 1600 with 6 puk clutch and 5 speed) after cutting out the damaged section of chassis to make things easier. While the motor was out I took the opportunity to install the turbo drain. More to come, just trying to keep posts shortish
  2. Hi there, just started a project on a TA22. Would be great to have any advice as i get started on a full strip and rebuild. Cheers
  3. Decided to get a project for the summer. It will also be a bike to learn on, as I currently do not have a motorbike license but have rode a couple bikes years ago. I purchased a seemingly rare Yamaha srv250 which should make a good base for a simple cafe racer build. Thinking of only changing seat, bars, lights and mirrors. Not much else needs doing other than a good tidy up. Overall it is in good condition and mechanically sound. Picking the bike up tomorrow and will post up some photos later.
  4. Hey guys. Im new to the forum. Ive just picked up my first project, a 1973 morris 1300. Its pretty much complete and original. its gona take me a while on a student budget but ill get there haha. any help or info on morris 1300's would be much appreciated Its got a little bit of rust in the floor pans and the boot, and surface rust all over the body but apart from that it seems pretty solid. who knows what ill find when i look harder tho haha.
  5. hi there, so i recently brought a 1975 (or74) austin 1300. got it for $2000 of a friend who needed the money for uni. i had always wanted one and when the opportunity came up i jumped at the chance. it has a wof and rego and at the moment im using it as my every day driver to get to work. my plans for it later on would be to make it original but for now i am going to have fun and make it into a old school raty. there is a lot of work to be done- body work, little bit of rust, paint, and chrome, just to start, but thats all for later. if anyone can give me any advice or tips and tricks i am aways up to learn new stuff. and ill most likely be asking for advice a fair bit. thanks everyone (pictures will follow, soon!) (discussion)
  6. So awhile back I got given this insanely wicked car, a 1972 Mitsubishi Galant Colt. I didn't know much about them, although apparently they are quite rare to come across these days. Anyways I fell in love with it immediately. It comes with full original interior, original number plates, original tires etc. I also really dig the pillerless effect! Anyways I will share some photos of the project (it will be very slow in the making as I'm a full-time uni student) yet it will be completed in the end. Any feedback would be lovely to read, and if anyone has any spear parts they're willing to sell, I would be most delighted in hearing from you. Discussion Thread
  7. I'm super amature when it comes to forums, still trying to figure out how to upload photos and share links so bare with me cheers!
  8. Hey team I am new to this forum business but I thought that I'll give it a shot! The ke30 has been in the family for a good 17 or so years ever since my sister purchased it as her first car. It was pretty much standard, rocking a 3k and a four speed manual gearbox. It also had a lovely mustard yellow paint job. While in Kate's (sister) possession she had it painted ford blue, swaped out the engine and gearbox for a 4k and a five speed manual and put on a sweet set of 14" tridents. The car was then daily driven for around four years until Kate decided to upgrade to a newer car. However she could not bare to let the trusty old Rolla go so it resided on mums lawn for the next three odd years slowly but surely being eaten away by rust. When I was 14 I had finally managed to convince her to hand the ke30 down to me, cheers sis! Having no money though the best thing I could do was to get into dry storage at the old mans as it was now no way warrantable and I had already decided it was going to be a big restoration project. Many years had past until last year when I decided enough was enough! And managed to convince the old fella to make the body rust free for a few boxes of beer, he is a panel beater after all. So currently the car is now fully rust free and strait all primed up for a coat of paint this summer. I have also purchased a near complete worked 5k, was missing the block and one con-rod. I'm sure you guys can put two and two together there. I now have the block just need to get it bored out and skimmed, haven't located a set of stronger con-rods yet. Still a lot to do on the car and a long road ahead but I'll keep chipping away and keep this thread up dated!! Also still trying to figure out how to upload pics but I'll upload some when I do!
  9. So here's my 1968 Vauxhall Victor Estate FD wagon. My dream car. She used to be a runner when I first got it (17 y/o) and I have since never driven such a beautiful car, Since then she continually broke down until I could no longer afford to fix her up. She is in dry storage at the moment and is waiting for me to throw some cash at her to fix her up (have another daily driver which has been chewing my cash). She was bought off a close family friend. Discuss here //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/40678-matts-cheviot-turbos-and-his-68-victor/?hl=victor Specs; ENGINE: 3.3, 6 Cylinder, OHV unit GEARBOX: 4 speed, Laycock, J type overdrive CARBURETTOR: Zenith Downdraught - modified ENGINE PERFORMANCE: 145HP MAXIMUM SPEED (I can testify to this): 120mph PETROL CONSUMPTION: (with o/d) 22mpg around town 35mpg open road STEERING: Ventora 1 power steering WHEELS: 205 x 60 x 13 Cheviot Turbo mags DIMENSIONS: Length 4.5 metres, Width 1.8 metres, Height 1.4 metres, Weight 1.2 tons (approx) MODIFICATIONS: Custom alloy tappet cover, Completely rewired and remodernised headlight system, full modification of front and rear brakes and suspension, heavy duty gas rear shocks with neoprene bushing, fully customised exhaust system with 3 into 1 HPC coated extractors. Full repaint Restoration of carpets, dash upholstry. Assembled at Vauxhall motors, Luton England, then shipped to Canada 1970-1973, owners shipped it to NZ with them when coming over. 2-3 owners between then and me. No rust. Body straight as apart from one minor dent. Engine is immaculate looking. Breakdowns; Power steering is leaking from both ends of the racket, needs reconditioned. Had an electrical fire at one point, lights, gauges etc no longer work. Fuel pump died and electronics fuel pump installed. Exhaust mounts broke, and had remounted + swapped the tips to twin 3" straight pipes out the back. At present she is sitting in dry storage waiting till I have enough cash to fix her up. I've been suggested to change the motor, from RB30DET, a modern holden engine, to a crate motor brand new, but I'd like to keep her original (though If i had the cash, a crate motor would be awesome). Last time I had a go at getting her started, Spark wasn't getting to the sparkplugs. I turn her over every now and then to make sure she hasn't seized and will eventually fix her up once i'm finished at Uni and have extra cash.. Will post some better pics when I get a chance
  10. So after 6 months after my initial post about my beach buggy that i picked up, things slowed right down, and haven't done a whole lot, but i thought i'd start a new thread regardless! Back in December, i picked up a beach buggy, where the only items that were salvageable were the interior, gearbox, windscreen body and roof. Basically everything else that was metal, was stuffed, and i mean stuffed. Rust stuffed. Will post pics when i work out how?
  11. Discussion thread: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/39819-twin-volvo-project/ A month ago Euan moved over to Waiheke island to live with me and Oscar and brought over his 1986 Volvo 240 GLE. we've all talked about how dope it would be to stance a 240 but finding adjusties or even wheels that fit 5x108 are such a mission. but it was always the idea that one day it would happen. Me and Oscar were looking for a car since we moved here 6 months ago but never found the right one. until 2 days ago. A 1987 Volvo 240 GLE came up on Waiheke trading and the next morning the owners were pleased to take $300 cash so we went for our first Volvo cruise on the island... Our one doesnt have a wof or reg due to rust but hopefully we can suss it soon. in the mean time we just spent the afternoon cleaning it and painted the rocker cover: We've been looking at stud pattern adapters and wheels and little things to add so hopefully we can actually start these projects in the next couple of weeks. Chur Yoshka
  12. Hi all, Abarth with his v50 mentioned I should post my build on here. I was an oldschool member in 1994 and now back. In a late night, can't sleep, trademe purchase I picked up a rough, farm raised yamaha 1979 ty50. It is a small framed trials bike, quite popular in the UK. It is Not in "mint" condition. Even missing a few parts. Attached are pics of it fresh from the farm. Suspiciously with a working speeds and only 5000km on the clock. Currently in the mid rebuild and looking to get it road registered. Will post more progress soon. Anyone else got one?
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