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Found 3 results

  1. Discussion therad > viewtopic.php?f=18&t=36383 Suppose its time to post up a project thread on the ol girl. Acquired a 1964 Chev Impala SS Convertible a few months back. Needs a bit of love and work to be restored to its former glory! Shes been a bit of a slut and been through a few hands with little to no work been done on her in the recent years (besides cutting some springs and slapping some paint on). Good thing is basically everything is there more or less a complete car. When i got it, sporting its white garage paint job! (Not to bad considering) Cut/No springs and not running. Its bright red factory interior complete with SS floor shift. Interior is still MINT condition no rips, fades or anything. Got to work on it removing the 283 & powerglide with the country spec engine crane. She has seen better days underneath and needs a bit of rust work done, panelbeater wants me to get body sandblasted then will get to work ordering replacement steel work from the states. Can buy brand new EVERYTHING for these from the states which is good, and at reasonable prices with the exchange rate. Have got to work stripping her down, This is how she sits currently. Plans are get rust and panel work done, Tidy up and paint engine and fit with shiny bits, 4 barrell carb and the likes. Sandblast and paint chassis, fit with new suspension and brakes. Refit everything and get it on the road.
  2. Long time no post. I got real sick of the internet so I made a hat out of pams aluminium foil and stopped the govt stealing my ideas and kinda backed away from the interwebs for a long time. Anyway since then, in true Seedy Al style, I've had about 20 cars and broken most of them. The one I've had for ages is affectionately known as the BBQ. I bought it as a bog standard E36 328i auto and proceeded to throw 10K at it to make it into a really tidy msport spec car with coilovers and bucket seats. Then the engine caught fire and the lovely folks at Swann gave me the car back and $11k cash. How I bought it How it turned out So.. long story short, on the way is an L98 from a VE commodore, Tr6060 box, and a lot of bleedy knuckles and swearing. Engine due in a week so will get stuck in. Also being a ghey, naturally I got an E46 msport 330i convertible and put the wrong offset wheels on it so it rubs and is twitchy, Great! Photos to come, I forgot how to code. XX Spanners
  3. Ive been following Kpr's hilux build on here after seeing a video on facebook of it shredding mud and decided people might want to see how i guess a similar build is going. (not trying to steal spot light just think people might be intrested) bare with me i have like 200+photos and alot of info to type so may take awhile im a drainlayer by trade so deffo not a pro but have had my fair share of building 4x4s and other things. haters shall hate... ill start from the very begining, so after i finished building 2x nissan patrols i wanted something abit more exciting, so feburary 2017 i aquired a certified 1991 ln106 hilux with a 350 sbc with a R series toyota box behind it, it ran like shit when i brought it so the mods began and i got it running nice again with new carby, leads, intake etc
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