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Found 9 results

  1. A53c? Wow cool project. I’ve got a few a57c parts but shipping would be killer. Good luck! edit: thanks mod my bad.
  2. So my first post here, im currently restoring my 1972 Mitsubishi GTO I just recently acquired here in the US. Does anyone know of any leads on parts? I really need a hood(bonnet) because its so rusty. And I'm always open other parts and pieces. Cheers!
  3. Link to build thread A place to talk shite about my sigma money pit. Cheers all.
  4. Discussion thread I've been convinced to finally through up a build thread for the siggy. Build up started last year so I'll start from there. I purchased this n around July last year from a guy down in Dunedin, who in turn purchased it from some old couple, where it had been stored for 14 odd years or so (if I remember right). I found it by mistake really, just saw some pretty shoddy photos on trademe of it for sale while looking at old colts and gtos. After some google-fuing, it seemed like a pretty interesting project. They were a bit more popular across the ditch (more commonly known as the Chrysler Sigma (seriously though click that)), and are commonly swapped with everything from Evo 4g63ts to 1jzs to Chevy small-blocks. A decent looking, sub 1000kg, large engine bay, rwd slice of fun half the price of an okay condition ke corolla, what's to loose? So I picked it up, and it was better than expected. Only one spot of minor visible rust, in the bottom rear of the fender on the drivers side. Original Registration sticker. Some minor bruising around the front and rear bumpers, were the rear bumper seems to have been lightly tapped by something, but otherwise the super oxidised paint appeared to be all there and all good. Here it is before and after possibly the only good cut and polish its ever had: And Paint wise, it came out looking mint. Wish I took more photos of this to give it justice.
  5. Hey Everyone, (Project Thread) Here's my baby. Now, I wonder if anyone can help? The seller says the car's a GSR but since she hasn't been very honest, I'm having my doubts...(then again she could be misinformed and very oblivious) All the car really has to associate him with a GSR is his bolt-ons but these could have easily been fitted. He has no identifying badges. They were thrown out with the original grille. He has no GSR seats. Was told the front were swapped (one's green, the other's brown. Thought only one might have been replaced but none match the colour of the back seat and interior, which is black). No mention of the back seat being changed but it has a different pattern to the GSRs that I have seen online (eg. 1, 2 ). Also, the back side panel is different. Mine has a debossed GT in the back and a metal strip above the ridges. I don't see that in this GSR. Lastly, his chassis number starts with A57C - 39O (A57C - 39O1176) where the 75 GSRs on goo-net-exchange (eg. 1, 2) start with A57C - 371. In saying that, I did find a 4g52 motor for sale that says it's Grade GTO GSR and it's body number is A57C - 3903332. Unsure how reliable it is since the seller does not know the year or model. (Anyone know how to read the chassis number? Contacted Mitsubishi about it but haven't heard back yet) I'm not really fussed either way but it would be good to know what I have. Edit: Added Project link. Changed for readability. Added and edited info. Changed title (we think it's actually a 73 not a 75 model. Will change back if Mitsubishi says otherwise).
  6. Hey Everyone, (Discussion Thread) This is my baby, got a lot of work to do on him. Was given the impression that he was in better condition than he is but ah well. Will update after I have stripped him down. Hopefully there won't be any more surprises (Please ignore the raised bonnet. It does close, albeit somewhat a bit tightly. Just forgot to shut it after looking at the engine) Edit: Added Discussion link. Edited title (we think it's actually a 73 not a 75 model. Will change back if Mitsubishi says otherwise).
  7. So awhile back I got given this insanely wicked car, a 1972 Mitsubishi Galant Colt. I didn't know much about them, although apparently they are quite rare to come across these days. Anyways I fell in love with it immediately. It comes with full original interior, original number plates, original tires etc. I also really dig the pillerless effect! Anyways I will share some photos of the project (it will be very slow in the making as I'm a full-time uni student) yet it will be completed in the end. Any feedback would be lovely to read, and if anyone has any spear parts they're willing to sell, I would be most delighted in hearing from you. Discussion Thread
  8. This is my 71 galant colt that i picked up a while ago. its prety tidy for it ages and milage. its had the 1600cc twin carbed motor pulled out and had a later model 1800cc chucked in. i managed to find the factory engine so ive got that in my garage. im in the process of getting a few things done to it to tidy it up and have got a set of mags on there way.
  9. Firstly be patient for the pics, I'm in the middle of getting them sorted. Secondly I'm new to this site and thought there might be a bit of interest in this old car. This is "little Red Colt". I picked her up from an elderly couple in Palmerston North about six years ago, still running, rego on hold, $200, puffed a litle blue smoke on startup but ran ok. If I'd done a bog job on the guards on both both sides it would have past a warrant. So it was a bit of a score...especially as this was my first car. This actually sat for a while in my flats garage while I still zoomed around on my bike. Not happy with the calfs%$t brown paint I ended up having the thing stripped to bare metal, any cancer removed from the body and repainted in Mexican red. Servicing the head and replacing the valve stem seals solved what problems I had with the engine and the original radiator was recored to help keep it cold. After taking it for a blat in the wet I found it was a great car for drifting but the factory rims with 155 biscuits had to go. Hence the 14" with 195's. This improved handling a lot and kept it on track even in the wet. I didn't want to ruin the looks with bucket seats so I got a set of seats out of a gs version recovered and those went in. This car is in very original nic and I don't intend to be changing the powerplant or anything major with the suspension either, as its got the original engine in it still. At the moment the cancer is coming back in spots, I've been naughty and it ends up outside a lot, so many other projects take up a lot of room, so it'll be due for a little touch up attention.
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