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  1. Just picked up a XF falcon with the good old 4.1 and auto not going. Was hoping it was just the starter as it wasnt spinning over but it looks/sounds like something is jammed. Whipped out the plugs and I can turn the motor over about a third of revolution by hand before it jams in either direction.It makes a nice "thunk" sound. All the old owner can tell me is that her mate was driving and it was making a funny noise so it was turned off. Im thinking loose bolt on the flexi maybe or a broken flexi. Any other ideas or easy things to check? Really hoping to not have to pull the motor and box out
  2. Its coming along nicely. The real tell is going to be me learning to weld to fix the holes in the floor and around the headlights
  3. Had to adjust the bump stops in the front at the same time Might need trimmed some more, will have to wait till she's on the road. Oh, Offset on the Works sits almost perfectly on the van. Back door just clears the wheels. Might be 3 or 4mm in it!
  4. Starting sussing out this van for its wof. Found rust in the front behind the headlights and in the floor under drivers feet. I don't usually start with modifying instead of fixing but the van was too high to fit into the garage. Played with the front torisions and bump stops and it came up quite nicely. Also chucked my Work Equips onto it to replace the knock offs that were on it. Started at this height in the front Ending up taking out 55mm Might have to re adjust after I drop the back with blocks to level her out.
  5. No tang, shes no old Bongo Lowering is on the plan...
  6. Link to discussion here //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/54399-marshs-1984-liteace-discussion/ Tell me how much lower it needs to be and sell me more parts!
  7. Tell me how to improve the little beast here.
  8. Picked up this little van from another forum member on here. Its in need of a bit of attention. Plan is to start on the rust work that needs to be done first and then WOF it. Have been told the headgasket is gone/leaking so that is next on the list once its all road legal. I have a set of 13" Work Equips tucked away in the garage for when this all ready as well.
  9. Found something random when changing the rocker cover gasket! Either the previous owner stashed a spare oil cap or they managed to forget to put it on and lost it. Suprised at how tidy the motor is for an old car.
  10. Interior is original as well. Really glad noone has cut a hole in the dash for a stereo. Looking at buying new carpet ex Australia.
  11. TIme to add some more pictures. Have changed the rocker cover gasket and started polishing it up. Only real modifications have been the chrome trim rings and little centre caps off an EX Lancer.
  12. Im here and have an Older car going so count me in
  13. I was going to convert my one but with how tidy she is Id rather keep her factory. I only need one part if you come across it. Its the plastic trim piece from the bottom of the rear door. They are cool wee cars. Very suprised at how well it goes for the 1400. Im going to try get some better photos in the weekend. Have you come across any nice old style accessories like chrome monsoons or Louvers?
  14. Link to discussion here //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/52671-marshs-1982-mitsubishi-mirage/
  15. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/52670-marshs-1982-mitsubishi-mirage/ Sell me parts, tell me what Im doing wrong and about lack of progress here.
  16. Picked up this little beast cheap off trademe with automatic issues. Turned up to pick it up and it was a lot tidier than it appeared in the pictures. The lady i got it from is the 2nd owner with her mum having bought it new in 1982. Trailer it home and set about flushing the automatic transmission. Old fluid looked nice and burnt so new fluid and filter went it. Started her up and left her to warm up. Came back , jumped in and put her in drive and off she went with no slipping or funny sounds anymore!! Success. The little car went straight through her wof once I replaced the tail light and is now one of my dailies. Also tried on my Equips but they are far too wide at the front. Stick out about an inch and a half. Will upload more photos soon
  17. Ive just swapped the motors over in my new ute (project thread coming) Its a Mitsi l200 86 with the good old 4G63. The new motor is a 4G62 as its all I could find. Using the dizzy off the 63 it only has spark when I stop cranking the motor with the starter and with the dizzy that came with the 62 it only sparks while the motor is being cranked. Both are electronic units. Im at a loss at what could cause this apart from two broken distributors. The wiring to the coil hasn't been altered. My one doesnt have a ballast resistor installed but I dont know if it needs one? Help??
  18. Otherside has the same spacing just shockie mount is on the opposite side That could be the go, any clue what they come in??...
  19. This photo might make it clearer, U bolts are sitting in the factory bump stops. Im going to try slot them out but I need 15mm or so. Other bet is to go to the wreckers and have a hunt unless anyone has an idea/set of what the're meant to be
  20. Bump stops have been removed aswell, not by me though. Will refit and try that first. Sounds like a bloody easy fix. Yeap problem is the U bolt on the angles
  21. Its not easy to get a good photo now its off the hoist. Main issue is that the U bolts aren't straight up and down I'm thinking its either RX3 or B1600 rear end but have no way to confirm
  22. Hi all, just took my 323 for a WOF and have been told my rear spring plate? (mounting plates that the shockie bolts to) are wrong for the diff that's in it. I have no clue what the diff is from, is there anywhere that sells them, or an easy way to find the right ones?
  23. Been busy sanding, not photos of progress as its not that interesting Found out my widened steelies have been banded which is a no no. So started looking for new wheels Got a pair of Sharaks off Born Loser, just need to find another pair to match now Also springs and JAF badge
  24. Any Aussie company, Nolathane (Repco & Autolign) and Superpro (Supercheap) never had the Lancers so never made bushes for them. They don't exist in the listings
  25. Best bet is to measure up the bushes/ take them out and take them into autolign. Other option is to try Mitsubishi themselves. Had the same car and the same problem trying to find parts.
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