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  1. Scott at Radiator Services is my man. 

    Waiting on a price for a recore on the radiator, but the fuel tank is a total loss.

    Its a pretty simple shape and fairly common wagon/van mounting arrangement so either a new custom tank or bodging something to fit (lada niva?) will be in my future.

    Given its got no engine or brakes, im in no big rush at the mo!

    Pull and Pay is permanaently closed

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  2. The man did not have good news


    Swiss cheese, rusted from the inside out.


    Radiator needs a recore too.

    Suggestions for custom fuel tank replacement on a postcard.

    Lada Niva tanks have a similar general shape, pipe location and attachment style/location, so will dig into that for starters

    Shame theres no pickaparts down these ways to go wander with a tape measure

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  3. Dang. 

    Costs changes are related to variations tho? not just "yeah, nah, quote was for $ but lol, jokes heres the invoice for $$$"?

    Shame cause otherwise seems like it was going pretty good, nice tidy site, good progress, quality work, etc?

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  4. 3 hours ago, Sunbeam said:

    Stock is 175sr13 which I believe is equivalent to 175/80 (some say it’s 82). This is an even larger diameter than the 185/70 it’s currently running. 205/60s will make me 6% slower for the same rpm compared to factory.
    Yes, I would like to get it lower, but not too low. 125T ish stance looks spot on I reckon. Can’t remember what springs you ended up using. Wasn’t it estima or something? Mid engine supercar version or fwd?


    edit: according to my calculations your 13s are 8.1% slow and your 14s are 9% slow compared to stock size. Also those aren’t exactly common tyre sizes are they?

    thats a funny way of saying 8.1%-9% better acceleration :)

    the 185/55 14s are uncommon, the 13s were common as muck, they may be 185s too, maybe?

    Front were Rear springs from (i think??) the FWD version, as in my mind the springs were very easy to pop out of their sockets from the wide selection at PAP. Still needed 2 coils dropped off.

    Rear springs on my sedan are reset 2 or 3 inches lower (? cant recall) and is pretty soft as a result, but has new Koni yellow up front (softest setting) and 2nd hand koni red in the rear (hardest setting) and it drives very well. Couple of 125 racers said you want the rear soft for traction.



    - truck as 3 leaves and they are stiff as feck, but that has the spring pack think put in upside down which may be a slightly better approach to maintain the same spring rate but also get lower

  5. the tyres ive got are 195/60 13s, or 185/55 14s but ive never really drove it standard/ unlowered which is i think 165/80 13 or similar? All my rims are fairly weak offset too.

    unless you are track daying it i dont think it will really matter too much, the wider track from new rims will feel more planted and a bit more effort to turn at low speeds, and can feel tracky/tramlining if you dont get the alignment right.


    Your going to lower it too, right? Right?





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