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  1. That’s awesome Trev can’t wait to see that finished for wagnats ! Yeah woody.
  2. Awesome ... im coming !!! aw hey any chance of a ride back to newlands miss @Mourning Cupcake ?
  3. I’m in ! May have to meet you in town / will be late to russel’s ... but no doubt you will leave late so should be able to meet bottom of the hill , mrs will get home around 8:30 -9 ... will call someone and find where ya all are
  4. i can also make you a flange pretty instantly if you require... just need dimensions...
  5. its all good , means you been working / swearing about how you cant find the thing you just put down... mine looks like that most of the time... cleaned it last week though and now i cant find anything anyway...
  6. Great work! so much happy for you ... time to sweep your garage...
  7. Fark im suddenly snowed under with work! was ment to be off this whole week working from home but alas im only picking up the laser cut stuff today so work hasn't even started ... not sure ill be there tomorrow boys... i will be in my freshly made workshop at home though~! welding shit for the next 2 weeks... ya all pop in for a visit
  8. running pretty good, got a wof .. still haven't done comp check .. might not... Wag time!
  9. Awesome thanks I guess I could then run a little more initial timing
  10. Funny you mention that as It did run much smoother when I knocked off the tube and didnt realise ... had a vac leak too and was smoother... initial timing has been played with and im set around 8'btdc and it looks to advance to around the 30-35btdc mark under full throttle ... (thats just in the garage not under load... ) ive been to both exrtrams of initial timing 2-12' and it made little difference .. is it a known problem with the vac advance causing thibgs ljke this because it would make sence with the symptons... ? I will definitely try it... any idea on what the mechanical advance will advance it to by its self? .. .. also went for a massive drive this morning which was choice .. I really dont drive it at all above 1/2 throttle anyway so it really isnt a problem... drove nice tbh
  11. made a comp tester which will fit in tight space ... what ever the comp ill just be driving it now until such time as catastrophic engine failure... or go back to single barrel... guess well have to check the compression first..
  12. New plugs went in yesterday and took it for a decent drive...still did stutter over half throttle under heavy load / acceleration unless full throttle then ok... pulled plugs , again number 6 plug carbon fouled .. im guessing im down on compression on that cylinder... and slightly over carbed due to the low comp... anyway its not lean now so will rock it for a while... will still try a carter 2 barrel i have coming... also will build compression tester and check that too...
  13. .056 or 1.4mm wasnt big enough , went to 1.5 as have no drills between 1.4 and 1.5 ( nothing imperial , no number drills or gauge drills... need actual jet drills ) ... it was slightly on the rich side ... drove sweet when hot but still stuttery when cold... might have a bung plug after all that... will throw plugs at it this week and see what happens... if it fixes all my problems i might have to kick myself in the face
  14. came to work this morning and drilled jets... They have "251" stamped on them , and the only thing i could find on the internet was in reference to CFM and not in any way related to holley jet numbers ... so went up in size from .053 to .056" or 4 jet sizes. if its too big i can easily make new ones but i highly dout this will richen me up enough... Watch this space...
  15. Was sick of 5 wires going to batt so made a bus bar
  16. No Wof No Worries... espically in a convoy! just drive in the middle of it
  17. im keen , couple more things to try and tune wagon and so keeeen to get her past the and of my street... , but may require a ride with someone... @lowlife are you down for this? call u friday anyway...
  18. well... i got a new electronic ignition is in with high power bosch mec717 coil and runs , the same...( fine at idle fine on main jet circuit but power valve circuit isn't getting enough fuel through).. have now had the carb fully apart 5 times... been back through settings 100 times... next option is Getting a Carter 2 barrel bbd off a buddy so will try that...?! FML
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