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  1. More dismantling has been done. I have pulled the dash out and the carpet back. These cars are prone to rusting under the windscreen inside where the wiper assembly is housed. This car is no exception however the rust is not as bad as i was expecting and allot of it is probably treatable with a sand or wire brush and some rust treatment paint. The left air vent is probably one of the few places i will have to add some metal. right hand vent just needs a clean up. in general its pretty mint behind the dash. I have pulled allot more off the car than i origina
  2. Sill tinkering away. I have removed the brakes for disassembling and cleaning. I also removed the front subframe assembly. i was considering a brake upgrade but to be honest the 5 stud starions have always braked pretty well and with a good set of pads they should be fine. this isn't going to be a track car. Once they were out it was time to tackle the front guards. I have been a little concerned about this part and also knowing i have to cut the guard off the side skirt, but unable to decide where to cut i ended up cutting straight down from the front of the front doors.
  3. I have been spending a little time her and there chipping away. I won't say making progress because i have to go backwards first before i can achieve anything. Started this weekend by pulling the rest of the engine out. Had to get some help in for this. Then tonight i spent and hour pulling it down to see what sort of state it is in. Got the pants off it and had a feel around. No.4 big end bearing as usual was the worst offender. No suprises there. so much so that that was the first one i tried. Others felt good. Proceeded to pull each piston out. As you
  4. Tell me I'm doing it wrong in here
  5. I am actually pretty motivated atm to make progress on this now its in the shed. Currently stripping the front and engine bay to clean up any rust and straighten the bent bits. No nasty surprises as yet but plenty of time for that. Old school abs unit will be going in the bin i think. I don't know if this front lip was standard or added. I always thought they were only on the earlier pre intercooled model. It won't be going back on regardless. I have options. but definately keen to have the twin cam head on it. Will be preserving the doo
  6. Wow I have had this car for a long time. To stubborn to sell it so better do something with it. Mitsis are re-united again. I was a bit of an effort to get the car in the garage. Four of us were unable to push it so I had to shunt it in with the daily. Plans for it are still pretty similar to the original ones. I have a twin cam head off a vr4 that will go on the engine. Engine will be coming out in a week or so and will be pulling down and measuring bits. If the crank is stuffed i have a couple of spares so no dramas there. Basically i will be focusing on allot of the sm
  7. Decided in the end to not bother getting a wof. I don't think i would drive it much, if at all anyway. It is going to become a competition car. I am going to build it for gravel sprints i think and will prob have the odd track outing aswell. So have begun by stripping the interior. Still have to pull dash out and center console. I will be looking at putting a cage in it in the near future. As far as i am aware this is the only rust in the car. Passengers footwell. I will need to start removing the sound deadening. Looking forward to that. Also have space f
  8. Had the boss look over the car to see what it needs for a WOF. Not allot required really. A tiny bit of rust repaired, a light fixed and rear axle seal and bearing replaced. Pulled axle out today to have a look. Bearing has seen better days i think. Will get stuff done to get a wof over the next few weeks. im not really to fussed about having this road legal. Don't even know when i will drive it. Also have dragged my Starion out from storage and will be starting some work on that very soon. Just have to organise my garage a little.
  9. Progress has been made. well a little anyway. I completed the loom and taped it all up. looks heaps better now. mess before. and after also blanked off the egr port Plan was to weld something there. but after getting all set up found that the argon bottle was empty. so a temporary fix for now. Also cut the heater return line that runs under the turbo right down as the heater leaks anyway so it inst needed and took up to much space. Both that and the EGR delete has opened up allot of space at the back of the intake manifold. Then came time to
  10. made a little progress. cut all the plugs off the loom and ran it directly through the firewall instead of around. as the picture shows i can trim allot of fat off it now. measured it up, pulled it back out and added the plugs for everything in the engine bay. it has been simplified allot and will hopefully be more reliable. and also have much less of a presence in the engine bay. So i can put the loom back in, do a final check and tape it up nice and neatly. I also have to finalize the coil position and wiring. I will also add some fuses as i found i had a few unfused feed
  11. wow 2 updates in the same year. that's a record. Am rather time poor atm so progress is slow. Loom has been pulled out. for some reason i had been adding plugs here, there and everywhere. the pic is a small percentage of the messiness. Loom after about 5 unnecessary plugs cut off. Will be bringing it straight through the firewall so will be shedding allot of length. Aiming to make the wiring as simple as possible. i was having random issues that were because of the over complicated wiring i think. Hoping to have engine running again in the next few weeks.
  12. Well going backwards as usual. Wiring is such a mess I am starting again. Too many plugs and crap. Will also shorten the loom instead of running it around through the guard. Also need to fix the radiator mounts, put a fan on the radiator and fit a thermo switch.
  13. Been another good break from this car. Moved to Napier from Palmy July last year and left the car at the olds for "a couple of weeks". Over a year later finally managed to get the car to Napier after the missus sold a car to free up the space. Before i moved i managed to get the car running. Still a little work required to get it road legal but shouldn't need anything crazy. In the mean time here's proof it runs.
  14. Have made a little progress over the last few months. Have managed to join the throttle body to the manifold. and then get it all installed on the engine. Intercooler piping has been but in aswell. Still need to re wire the loom with new plugs and a few other small jobs to get it running. Hopefully more progress and another update soon.
  15. The time has finally come to start work on the starion. the escort is pretty much done and the lancer is waiting on some funds for a link so the starion has made it's way into the garage. Plans: Rebuild engine with bigger turbo and multipoint Make a custom front to go with the kit Fit coilover suspension Panel and Paint, don't know what colour yet Put nice exhaust on it and ehjoy driving it. It has only done 37000 miles so the interior is in good condition. gearbox feels to be good aswell and hoping the factory LSD is also in excellent condition. Side by side starion projects
  16. Recently got my lancer on the road. but is still far from finished so heres what has been done so far. It started life as a stock 1200 as most do. kept it in this state for around a year and then decided i needed something a little quicker. i was on a very small budget at the time so my cheapest option was to put a starion engine and gearbox in as my brother had recently written his off so brought the wrecked car off him for $300. good start. put the engine and gearbox in and running and drove it around as it was until the wof expired. Two years later after allot of gathering dust i final
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