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  1. Vinegar is harsh on the brass bits, will etch the zinc out of it and leave the copper behind,and will stain the aluminium black kbut it does clean it up) 



    Cut to 50/50 and soak about 30 min to remove tarnish, but I ne er found it to take the stuck on stuff off. Have also tried boiling carbs in vinegar or lemon juice. Fresh petrol and some wire beats it. Bit of copper stranded wire for the hard to remove bits

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  2. 58 minutes ago, fuel said:

    uhmm hello? camo interior and/or paint

    Not every rota can be camo. Concours will also accept


    Primer with guide coat


    Matt Black (only with chrome modgies) 

    Single colour with milkshake down the side


    Super thick home spray job with a million runs and zero gloss off the gun

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  3. Soak in fresh gas and shake it around everytime you go past it for a day

    Then go back at it with the bit of wire 


    Got compressor?, blast some air down it. If not then carb or brake cleaner is my 2nd choice for that


    Or buy a new jet if its corroded out

    Or whole carb off aliexpress



    Fresh gas seems to work an any I am fixing. The green gunk is the worst tho

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  4. 22 minutes ago, The Q said:

    Hi Cletus,   In Neutral revs smoothly all the way to 4500k. No engine check lights.

    Torton, it "from the outside, it looks like its turning 80 odd degrees" I'll have to take it apart tomorrow.



    Might be the throttle pedal is bent. They usually are after 20 years of mashing it into the floor

  5. I chucked one of these in a mazda the other day

    https://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/p/nanocam--nanocam-ncp-mir43-mirror-mounted-wired-reversing-camera/425061.html?cgid=SCN010302#search_term=reversing camera


    Is about the cheapest deal you will get in nz, screen is perhaps a little small, but seemed alright. 


    You can get an infra red one off aliexpress and plug it into it


    I suppose you don't have a double din radio? I put one in wife's rav and an aliexpress camera and it works fine, no issues. It was one of those ones on a bracket style. 

    I put a flat mount one on the explorer a couple years ago, still working but I think the colour has faded. 


    Double din stereo also let's you run a 2nd camera so you can view infront or a different rear angle, handy sometimes if you want to check your load on the trailer is still attar he'd while driving 


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  6. are there any plugs that the 12v systems and 5v systems share?

    just comes to mind as thats what hyundai key fobs use, the 12v to the ign and 5v to the sensor ring share the same plug and they fail because the plug is built for 12v, so when it gets a bit of corrosion on it the 5v gets iffy, working sometimes, sometimes needing a jiggle.   Fix is to cut the wires and solder the 5v signal together

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