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  1. 1 hour ago, AALAWS said:

    Hey Guys - Just been talking to the cert guy for the rust repairs on my corolla, and says I need to get a vin assigned to the car.
    Problem is, the shell is back on the rotisserie and the places I have talked to want me to take it to them an hour away.

    Now I'll suck it up and take if I have to, it but just checking if this can be done remotely or by a mobile service if anyone knows?

    I've had a vin assigned by VTNZ for my project car (a US import) without them seeing it in person. I just took photos.

    The VIN tag hasn't been made/attached yet. 

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  2. 9 hours ago, kws said:

    Im going to try pick up a bottle of gas from bunnings this weekend, are there any special requirements for transporting it? I figure it probably shouldnt be rolling about in the boot?

    Bunnings porirua wouldn't let me take a bottle in a hatchback. That was a few years ago though.

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  3. 1 minute ago, ThePog said:

    What's the deal with modifying tow bars? My truck one sits a little high but I don't want to have it in a fixed position lower than it is. I want to replace the tongue with a 65mm box/50mm socket/receiver so it sits no lower but can have a lower towball to plug in.

    Will I get in trouble if I do that? I have a big 3 phase MIG that produces the most convincing of welds...

    I built my own for a car, no worries. So long it's not a heavy vehicle you'll be fine.

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