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  1. 5 hours ago, Steelies said:

    pinned up my last years teatowel print in the shed the other day, keen for another this year if you've got more gold up your sleeve Bizzo/ print options


    Also, anyone know options for wag sleep parking in feilding? I love the ding, but got a hankering for wagsleep this time round. 

    Can park self contained at Manfield. Maybe the wagnats sticker would get you in?

  2. Just now, ThePog said:

    That is good to know thanks.

    I have a feeling that 4 pots will be difficult, i suspect the disc offset isn't enough for caliper to rim clearance, and I don't want to run spacers.

    I might go down to the 4wd spares place and have a sift through the brake bins, although maybe I should look at an adaptor for the two pots i have already..


    Wrecking yards / parts bins are good to look through for options. Also disc brake catalogs like DBA for alternative disc options that will make things fit better.


  3. 7 hours ago, ThePog said:

    I'm exploring options for the brake upgrade on my truck, the most straightforward being buying the diffs out of a y61 Safari and having the bigger brakes arrive wholesale, this is tempting but expensive.

    The easiest is some calipers off a y60 tb42e, these are twin pot and bolt on, but seem to be hard to find.

    People have used R33 four pots, someone in Oz was doing a kit for a while, and this seems like a cheapish possiblity. However the construction manual doesn't have anything I can find about custom caliper mounts, although there is a mention that only OEM stuff can be used. If this is the case fair enough but if someone can clarify it for me that would be appreciated.


    You can make your own caliper adapter mounts, no worries. Best/easiest if they are flat plate of reasonable thickness. It's OK to weld spacers on to get the position correct.

    Here's a pic of the plate for the Mercury. On this I just let the spacers float on the bolts




    The ones for the Morris are on the top left of this pic, spacers are welded to these


    It's usually a matter of trying calipers out until you find a set that can be mounted easily.



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  4. I had a similar problem firing up a Holden V6 that hadn't been run for years. I ended up pulling the fuel rail from the manifold and resting it on the engine, with the injectors fitted. Ran the  fuel pump via a hot wire then 12v on/off to each injector in turn. Some started working after that. I swapped the 'dead' ones for used ones from the old engine. 

    Sprayed quite a bit of atomised fuel around the shed though.


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