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  1. big tymer

    how many wolts you spose to have ?

    12ish when the car is off about 13-14 when car is going
  2. big tymer

    Stretched tyre look

    yea i like the look at the mo i have 18's that are 8" wide and have 215/35/18 on them they look like they dont have tyre on there at all but its all good
  3. big tymer

    door panels

    what about carpeting your doors ive done two lots of doors in carpet they look nice too just an idea
  4. big tymer

    Supercharging 13b

    yeah but rotary are all about being cool then performance anyways so ya might aswell supercharger them to be that much more cool
  5. big tymer

    what should i clean my engine down with !?

    yea degreaser from the warehouse $14.95 4l of the stuff
  6. big tymer

    water in cylinder :@ !

    just put abit of meths in there aswell and then just start it
  7. big tymer


    why do they have to be smooth just cut them as low as you can no one can see them when you drive past
  8. big tymer

    Scratches on my head...

    just wear a helmet next time then you wont get a scratch ion ya head
  9. big tymer

    where to get lexan windows from

    sweet thanx
  10. big tymer

    where to get lexan windows from

    does anyone know????
  11. big tymer

    Air filters on weber carb

    why dont you make a box around the carb and run a bit of pipe to the front with a cheap $39.95 pod filter from repco
  12. big tymer

    4K 4spd To 5K 5spd

    ke70 5 speed giz an offer if ya keen ill go sort it out for pull it out and shit
  13. big tymer

    4K 4spd To 5K 5spd

    my mates got a 5 speed if ya looking for cheap
  14. can ya tell us about the conversion at the same time???? did it bolt straight in?
  15. big tymer


    on primiries only the two middle port are sucking in air and the secondiares are the two out side ports so you are doubling the fuel in fact more cos the jets on the secondiares are bigger you can get the same affected on a piston you just need to have a two barrel or more and get rid of the vacuum secondiares for a bigger affected