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  1. Nice work bro, wish I had the work space and tools etc to work like this.
  2. @kws Thanks for the reply, your guide is just the thing, incredibly detailed and covers everything, quite a piece of work. Thanks for the numbers. Those injectors are available from Oz ex Deutschland, actually cheaper from Oz at $54 plus shipping and stuff than if I buy them in Deutschland itself. The fuel distributor is weeping a little from the bottom of the plunger so I'm eventually going to have to do the seals in the thing but I don't feel it's urgent at this stage. The car runs well, plenty of ancient grunt, the only real concern I have is the motor has a significant vibration
  3. I have a Ford sierra 2.8 xr4x4 from 1986, its been in the fam since new and is exactly as it left the factory in Genk, Belgium all those years ago. It starts and runs pretty good although no longer as smooth as it was and I'm thinking the injection system has been working away for thirty four years and has never been given any attention, not even the injectors themselves which, according to the maintenance manual, require replacing every 100kkm and there's at least 300kkm on the clock. The injection system is the Bosch constant injection system, mechanical of course, not a computer in sig
  4. Just a thought, if you still have the original injectors would you like to post the numbers on them? Or a pic? I want to source a set but the longs ones as per originals. Tia.
  5. Thanks for the very detailed info, very useful to me...eventually. I have the same donk in my Sierra and although it hasn't been touched since new, just regular servicing, it's running faultlessly. Having said that, I feel it's a good idea to recondition the fuel distributor and check WUR etc so your input is valuable. Thanks again.
  6. I'm well fascinated by your play with Robert Bosch's remarkable CIS MFI. I have the same motor as you in my sierra xr4x4 and plan a reconditioning of the fuel system next year after a trip to Europe for bits. Would you suggest a professional cleaning of injectors or just jumping into a new set?
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