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  1. Aubs

    Aubs monkey bike

    Ohhhh my did a good test ride today will drain oil now and waiting on finishing pieces to arrive. 80kms with alil more in it dont reallu want to go faster than that hahha pops mint wheelies
  2. Aubs

    Aubs monkey bike

    Mostly finished took for a ride goes well verrry pepy still small finishing stuff but 1st ride complete
  3. Aubs

    Aubs monkey bike

    So after a day with some mates and a monkey getting hoond all day i decided that she needs more powa baby. Lifan 125 4speed swap..... Commences shes all in easy swap tight fit but in. Now need to button up small stuff ie. •throttle cable •clutch leaver and cabel •hook chain up •oil Do wheelies
  4. Aubs

    Aubs monkey bike

    Its a late xmas whats in the box?
  5. Yea on the trip we lernt it wasnt turing on cause it to creep in temp. Nothing bad at all just enough to make me sort something out
  6. Done the rocket cover gasket and painted cover scored some mesh esk wheels
  7. Figerd the radiator fan wasnt do f all so wired up to a switch same with spot lights not that they do f all but whats a shit box rally car without spot lights rite hahah. Maby will replace radiator with a bigger one at some point
  8. Big day today full send it did well didnt overheat but definitely need q bigger radiator to help keep cool. Found radiator fan wasnt workn so wired to a switch and finally wired spot lights up
  9. Aubs

    Aubs monkey bike

    Dont really have plains for this jem other than just have fun with it. But if the motor plays up ill chuck a lifan 125 in it but for now shes happy days
  10. Aubs

    Aubs monkey bike

    So much fun today she hums along nicely
  11. Got this wee jem. Its a clone but still real cool. 3speed 50cc Started ok when i brought it took for a ride was real boggy cleaned the carb now shes happy days.
  12. Aubs

    Aubs raty fa50

    So a guy did the rite thing and put the og leg shield bak on the banana fa50 and chopped up a random honda one to fit this i think looks half decent. She still going well. But maby its time for a bigger motor hmh
  13. Been doin loads of riding on this jem lately done no work to it as of yet hahah. Always check fluids tho dosnt seem to use any. Vrooom vrooom
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