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  1. So the ol hillman been siting a couple months due to she keepd buring the points. In frustration i left aside worked on other projects. After the kids constant naging for a drive. I just replaced all the points condenser ect again. Shes driving well again. Hopefully for longer this time haha
  2. Aubs

    Aubz fa50

    Tail light ekkkkkk school girl skerch from fat bogan man
  3. Aubs

    Aubz fa50

    We have leg sheild yuuuuus
  4. Aubs

    Aubs raty fa50

    Shoulda done a long time ago.. Made another stabilizer for the exhaust side from strut mount to engine also raised the rear abit. Far more rideable now and feels more solid
  5. Aubs

    Aubs raty fa50

    Yea bro do it. Goes super well way quicker than my other stock fa50
  6. Aubs

    Aubs raty fa50

    Decided to clean up the surface rust prety happy
  7. Aubs

    Aubz fa50

    New golden boy and tube for the rear siik
  8. Aubs

    Aubz fa50

    Repainted rear guard white. And was given this basket omg in loove
  9. Day off Friday. Palmerston north droped kids off to school even in the ol hillman the. Then to ashurts back roads to bunnythorpe back home to palmerston north. Never got hot or played up prety happy with its effot
  10. Ohhh crazy i want to respray after i fix rust maby same color
  11. Aubs

    Aubz fa50

    Ommmmg finaly has a rear guard stoked as. Will repaint white to fresh up like the front
  12. Aubs

    Aubs raty fa50

    Soooo dope has a rear rack now can go get my double brown from 4■ down the road now
  13. Aubs

    Aubs raty fa50

    She has her mew exhaust soooo happy
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