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  1. Does anyone know where in Auckland someone can get a cheapish 2.5inch system including a nice sports muffler from?
  2. Ok thanks guys, I have had a chat to him, he cant drive manual due to an issue with his left foot so is stuck on Automatic gearboxes only. He really wants the turbo sound so have passed on your feedback to him. He is also going to fit an S2000 airfilter which is a drop in replacement for the AUG engine and is meant to give a nice 1-2hp gain. Where would the best place to buy one? I have put a circle around the type he needs, needs to be an OEM paper one.
  3. Ok cool thanks, I am sure he wanted the classic Psst style noise when he lifts off the throttle. thanks for the help
  4. Ok, i think i understood that, but just so I tell him correctly. He cant have an external dumping valve cause the car already has messured the air and will run poorly if he does?
  5. A friend brought a Audi A3 1.8T 1999 Model with a AUG (??) engine.
  6. Silly Question but can you fit a BOV to an Automatic Gearboxed Turbocharged Engine?
  7. Thanks guys. I'll hit you up @GuyWithAviators when I am at that stage. I think I need to get busy with some steel wool and sand paper. Stay tuned for a shiny framework that has had a ton of elbow greese used on it! Got to make her look clean and tidy
  8. I have decided to stop for a while. Make a clear plan. Make stages. 1st get the frame tidy and painted. Fit new brakes and lines. Going be a while but good things take time! 2nd repair damage to plastic parts 3rd worry about an engine. I was doing it ass backwards. Getting too emotional and post buying regret when it turned out not quite to be as advertised. So no more rushing in and now its time to take it slow. Pour myself a Jack and just get busy with steel wool and some sand paper! Let's get her tidy before worrying about power, but when the time comes i have already talked to shore50s for a 125cc Lifan for it!
  9. Yeah im not buying it. He got very angry very fast. I said i would pay his success fee and he can request a refund from Trademe (so he has made on the deal) and leave me bad feedback. But he isn't very nice to deal with. I pointed out that some really good guys said the gear selector shaft is wielded and that would make rebuild impossible and how has it been stored. He has yet to answer. What does TL:DR I warned you mean?
  10. Im going to have a rethink of the whole thing, will take a few days and come back to you all. Sorry.
  11. Ah crap didnt even see that, not that i would have known to look at it Should i pull out of the sale?