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  1. Sounds like a plan for 1st october, if weather is still good the car can come out for a burn over the hill. although Remarks and Cardies will still be open...
  2. Yup. Me too. Lets hook up for a shred though before winter is over!
  3. @kiwi808 you doing that track laps + breakfast thing at highlands next month? Been off the radar for last few months with hectic winter schedule...normally requires me to be snowboarding at all possible free times... haha
  4. The weekend after is also the 4 and rotary champs in timaru... Who's going on keen on heading over for the weekend?
  5. Such a beast car! Awesome! Had to do some back stretching/yoga from bouncing in the sedan for hours yesterday... Haha. Good times
  6. 500km door to door round trip! @igor @Nick Ritchie @Toddy415 @kyteler @kiwi808 Thanks and look forward to the next one. Check out my awesome clipart skills! You are welcome
  7. Im still probably in, will probably miss the Queenstown Car Club Teretonga meet. Just gotta get my shit together and figure out if the water pump is leaking on the mazda... Seen as this is my first time what cars is everyone bringing?
  8. Yeah, its on for sure. Weird that its not on their website. It is organised through the 'Queenstown Car Club' and been on the schedule with them for months.
  9. Totally forgot that this is on the same day as the cruise ... now you've got me torn on what to do.
  10. Sounds good! Im precious with the mazda. No gravel roads! The subaru however, thats good for anywhere!
  11. Cool. I might have the mazda off the road. The adjustables needed rebuilding in the front and it currently has some different struts in. So its okay to drive but i can just drive the wrx instead if there are issues. Are those roads all sealed on the loop suggested? Never been that way!
  12. Yeah! The Highlands 101 was awesome back in Spring. The new format longer 501 should be really cool too.
  13. Formula 1 was actually pretty good huh! The Festival of Speed at the Highlands on Sunday was awesome! Awesome weather and such a fun laid back vibe about the day. Pity there isn't more events like it there. Great facility, and we even smashed out a few session on the go karts to add to the day of watching and checking out rad old cars! I could be keen for that cruise 6th May. Will add it calendar and go from there.
  14. Well, maybe there is two of us now living in Queenstown on here!!! and if there are others around the area like @kiwi808 maybe we can get more on this forum or start our own FB page. Would be keen to meet up @Nick Ritchie at some point soon and see if we can make something more regular happen. I tried to approach the Queenstown Car Club but haven't really heard back from them... So thinking lets organise our own group. My number is 021 114 0109
  15. New to the page, not to the area. Live in Queenstown area, have done so for a few years now and just trying to branch out and find more people into cars, and potentially make some new friends along the way. Would be keen for meet, cruise etc and had been thinking of starting something locally within the Queenstown area where we got together every couple of weekends on friday evening for a quick cruise or meet at pub, carpark etc. Anything already exist like this that I've been missing out on?