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  1. True. Could be good to check that out also, or just come saturday morning for the show. Are you gonna get your 808 registered for show on saturday?
  2. Did you sign up for the Cromwell car show? whats the story with the cruise? I registered my car for the show, its def not a show car but i was more for the convenient parking within the grounds. VIP it up. Was $10 for car and people in it. So if anyone wants to hop in from Queenstown or Cromwell more than welcome.
  3. Spent a day pulling off parts for the Mazda in a local south Auckland scrap yard over holidays. Lovely times
  4. @kiwi808 to enter is only $10. Could be worth it for the good parking spot?... don’t think my car is of show quality but maybe if a few of us are entering might be worth it. Park up together on show with a pirate flag and a bbq!!!! I know a few Queenstown Car Club guys are thinking of doing the same thing.
  5. Yeah. Saw that too. $15 dollar increase. I’m not keen on that. Will be going for noisy around Cromwell classic car show next weekend though.
  6. Lap times couldn’t have been much faster than the 808...
  7. Pretty sure there are some wheels off the ground...if not, ill photoshop it in later
  8. Heck yeah. See you fullas at highlands 9.30 then. Might have another guy from repco Queenstown coming over as well. So could be a bit of crew. I might now have to shoot off after the laps and breakfast or at some point during day... got a shed load of work come in that’s gotta be done by Christmas. Living the dream!
  9. Nice one. Probably got my times mixed up then! What time should we meet at highlands? 9.30? Would be cool if we get to roll around in the same group... Aim to leave bp Frankton at 8.30 @Nick Ritchie?
  10. Sounds good. Might be wrong on times but not bothered about an early cruise over. Hopefully weather doesn’t crap itself. Someone mentioned rain over weekend to be earlier!?
  11. I think we need to leave before that. 10am is cut off time and the last few sessions are for family laps which is slower.
  12. Any Queenstown team keen to meet before driving over to Crompton on Sunday?
  13. I’m all registered for it. Payment is on the day so it’s worth registering as I’ve heard they do cap the number of cars.
  14. Yeah. its mellow as. They didn't even check WOF/rego for the same event last month. Keen for some after breakfast craft beers. Morning tea beverages in Cromwell! Choice
  15. Nothing gets past the prince of crompton eh @kiwi808!? I did go to the highlands for that breakfast laps. Went along with the Queenstown Car Club, but don’t tell anyone that... Was pretty good fun. Couple of laps behind safety car... it’s fast enough that I couldn’t keep up... so all good! Then a delightful breakfast with good old filter coffee. Hmmm, filter coffee, makes you feel alive. All for $35 ain’t to shabs right? i would be keen to do it all again with you fine lot. Let’s lock it in for 17 December! I might bring the Subaru justy!!!
  16. Cool. Friday evening sounds good for cruise through the gorge for a catch up. Whats your addy?
  17. Sunday at highlands sounds good. You are doing a bbq sat evening? Not sure about car display for free ticket. Will mean in stucked Crompton for three days! Haha
  18. Anyone thinking of going to Timaru to this?
  19. Havent on here in a while...sounds like heaps is happening. I was thinking of going to the highlands this weekend. Anyone else going? Probably just go to one of the days.
  20. Good little cruise over to Wanaka for the wings and wheels sunday breakfast. Then back to queenstown for closing day afternoon shred at Coronet. Some banging cars as well.
  21. yeah, had already heard about the cruise over through queenstown car club. they've been posting about on Queenstown Trading. At this stage weather looks average to shit so might not be keen unless it fines up.
  22. Anyone have more info on the Blossom Festival. Is anyone going, anyone entering cars etc? Is it pretty low key or pretty intense show and shine stuff? Or can we just pay and park up as a group of old school cars? Sounds like a fun one if weather is going to be good!