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  1. Solving a truly 1st world problem, cup holders (lack of). Not totally in love with it. Mainly the fact the radio and temperature gauge was already there, but I never would've put it there...but because it is, it may as well stay. Additional ugliness of the cup holders...mmmm...not sure. Will slap it in and remove later if it really annoys me?
  2. My head hurts... I'm sure I can work through this one step at a time. But right now, my heads not in the game...can't be fucked...
  3. Anyone with kids will appreciate that half your life is spent cleaning or fixing the path of destruction they leave in their wake. Apparently the towel holder isn't rated for climbing on...go figure eh!!! Nothing some serious over engineering can't fix though. And finally
  4. Installed a fully programmable electronic ignition system. It has a myriad of torque curves to choose from already pre mapped in the system. Just select your parts and riding style and compare with the selection on offer and dial it in. Had to install a new rotor behind it, then this just popped in. I put timing in the middle and will fiddle with it later. Timing cover back on, looking sweet! I've got a big lumpy cam in this motor, so may take a bit of trial and error to find the right ignition program...but I'm not going to over think it right now
  5. Knife made from circular saw blade. So sharp it'll "Cut ya just lookin at it"
  6. Clutches sorted, first test on ridiculously big sleeves. Yip...it'll do skids! Will make a world of difference going to small diameter sleeves (think trying to start off in 3rd gear Vs 1st gear in a car). And some brakes would be nice too.
  7. Tig welding like a boss! Doing this because everything shifted over by fucking around with the wheel spacers to centre the rear end perfectly. Unfortunately my fender strut had to shrink a bit. So I cut and welded it with the tig. I'll get it chromed again. Bit sad, as I made these 4 years ago and was quite proud of how they turned out. Back then I arc welded them. Clearance for spinning bits is now all mint! Brake tab is perfectly positioned thanks to my new hub and rotor centric spacer block I made yesterday. Fender sitting just right.
  8. New clutches installed. Probably should have checked these before putting it all together, but when using secondhand stuff there's a lot of unknowns. Much better now. Has scary mid range powerband. Should be awesome for drifting...
  9. Those machine screws offended me so much, I hunted through every container of random bolts I have until finally finding some 6/88875" or whatever the fuck they are cap head screws. Thank fuck for that.
  10. No fucking around then... First thing I noticed was cheap Philips head machine screws. Wtf...who does that. You would think there's something in here that would fit. But no, not only are they cheap shitty Philips heads, they are cheap shitty god dam imperial Philips heads...cunts! Fuck you America...fuck you and you cunty perseverance with an antiquated measurement system... Anyways, rant over. And installation was reasonably straightforward. I had to drill out the shoulder on one of the cable bosses to get it to fit, but other than that it basically bolted on like you
  11. The mail just keeps turning up. Ordered this a week ago from the USA and boom, in my letterbox today. Not 100% sure on the black, I kind of like my oldschool "coke bottle" grips. But it's an easy thing to change.
  12. Brommmm broommmmm!!! Fully working. I've ordered brakes off Ebay to suit. Need some pvc sleeves and done. But those are bolt on parts that will take 5 minutes to install, so pretty happy with it really all things considered.
  13. I like this a lot. Totally get the obsessing over the lines. A small change in angle or length can change the entire look of the bike. I've always subscribed to the theory of making big changes. By going big, either way you realise quickly where the limits are...then split the difference between them and its normally bang on. Keep up the good work.
  14. Made a chain tensioner out of a door hinge. LH side And RH side All prettied up...finished!!!
  15. Mint paint, prior to a carburetor leaking fuel all over it. Turns out VHT "aluminum" paint isn't fuel resistant. Paint washed off like water. Fuck it, patina paintjobs are all the rage these days aren't they?
  16. A few highs...then a few lows...as my flywheel disintegrated into a million bits...cunt!!! But that's all fixed now. Then: Fuck yeah... I've dialed in the cables to now lift the carburetor slides in sync, got it going mint. My fuel tank mount broke the cast mounting holes on the motor in this vid, weird as I've used this system heaps without issue on other motors. But I've got it sorted but locating onto the clutch bell mounting holes now.
  17. Other bits painted and now drying in the workshop: Axle spacers Exhausts Tank mount/chain guard bracket.
  18. Flawlessly colour matched...cough...cough. But it's not like I can pop down to my local "house of kolor" for some custom paint during a lockdown eh...so needs-must.
  19. Nearly there. Throttle controls sorted. Last of fab work done. Strip, paint, reassemble...drift!!!
  20. Calling this a win. Got it tuned, running so mint now! Oiled the chain and it made a world of difference to it...must be 25% increase in power, as it was hard out binding and acting like the brakes were on. Almost (some chain links) welded itself together. Never thought to oil it, as it was brand new and I assumed it would be pre oiled. New tyres, brakes actually working properly. Motor running flawlessly and produces excellent power with fat torque! It's all fucking mint now. Super happy with this project.
  21. Made this chain guard. So sexy...love a good bracket!
  22. Yes, but weirdly I like the look of it. Kind of an old school look, like you'd see on early industrial machines. But yeah, I can appreciate why others would not.
  23. It had to happen. Turbo time!!! This kid makes amazing stuff given his age. I've been following his builds for a few years now and I've always been impressed by his problem solving skills with limited tools. He's now getting better stuff, and the build quality reflects this.
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