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  1. Considering selling. Feel free to register interest via PM
  2. Grabbed some of the headlight buckets from Palmside after getting fluffed around on trademe by a couple of guys. Trial fit of the round headlights followed:
  3. Been meaning to do this for a while. Thought i'd get onto it while the Mrs is crook and I have some nag free time. Good old Mighty Car mods vids for the win.
  4. Rare opportunity to drive this thing today. Made sure to get video for proof heh
  5. RS2J

    2L Ford Duratec + NC MX5 5 speed

    Not really looking at the NA/NB stuff. Purely looking at the NC 5 speed 'box for feasibility to match the Duratec. Failing this I'll just wait it out for a Sierra box to match with the Zetec I have in the garage.
  6. RS2J

    2L Ford Duratec + NC MX5 5 speed

    Interweb says yes it does. Hrmm might be trickier than I can manage with. S5 RX7 boxes surely command a premium though. I imagine the rotary tax on those is fairly immense, plus i'm not building a 300+ HP race Duratec here, just looking at more modern engines from the Ford family to use that makes my job of fitting it all easy. but, as i'm trying to avoid as much custom fabrication as I can to keep costs down, if I can get bits off the shelf and a S5 RX7 'box cheap enough it could be a goer.
  7. RS2J

    2L Ford Duratec + NC MX5 5 speed

    Thats an NA/NB BP 1.8L Engine + Gearbox combo. The NC + Mazda version of the Duratec is quite different. He also states: "I also thought I'd slot the engine and gearbox in (Ford/Mazda BP and MX5 5 speed). They're sitting high as I just wanted to get an idea as to where everything will sit, the shifter in particular."
  8. RS2J

    2L Ford Duratec + NC MX5 5 speed

    Hah, half the reason I sold off my Mitsi shit was because it ruined friendships. I swore I'd never modify a Mitsi again From what I've been reading the NC Gearbox is vastly different to the older ones that sat behind the B6/BP engines. Apparently quite a nice 'box to use and bolts up to the Duratecs from Ford as they're essentially the Mazda engine with Ford heads. If I don't stick with the crossflow and 4 speeder this is looking like the nicest option I reckon. Especially with the amount of kit available off the shelf to bolt a Duratec into an Eskie. Yeah thats why i'm thinking of the 5 speed. Probably be a bit smaller, although tunnel mods are likely even with a dirty old Type 9. Yeah I saw a RWD Sapphire Cossie T5 on the 'tard last year, was tempted but didn't have the cash. BDAs for everyone! Sell the house and the Mrs!
  9. Looking at Engine/Gearbox options for the long term Eskie plan. Came across this mentioned a few times on the interweb, just wondering if anyone has any ideas on the validity of it all? As I understand it the 6 speed is a no-go. Mainly looking at this because Sierra T9s are getting long in the tooth and harder to find as time goes on. Could just stick the 4 speeder on the back of a Zetec of course. Info/ideas/jarredyou'reafuckingidiot welcome
  10. RS2J

    Escort 1300 Air Cleaner

    PIcked up one of these for mine:
  11. RS2J

    M_C's Mk2 Escort of Boost

    That White Mk1 2 door in your latest pics is my Cousins old car
  12. Mines just has the mount points for the hinges a few mm too far back. Means the rear of the bonnet catches/rubs on the heater vent cover as you open it. Nothing a bit of work with a file hasn't sorted though. Shut lines are far from perfect and it could come another 5mm forward to line up at the front, but its good enough for me. Once I eventually get the brakes sorted I'll get the Aerocatches fitted and have it painted.