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  1. Discuss here //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/43995-bmxnz11s-mk2-escort-van/
  2. Chat away Project thread here //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/43994-bmxnz11s-mk2-escort-van/
  3. Hey everyone, Better jump on the van wagon band and post a build thread about my mk2 van. Purchased from Alexandra, taken off the road to tidy it up and fix the rust. That was a couple of years ago, so ill play catch up with my posts to get it to the current state. Pretty standard apart from the 1600 and us800 mags. Mags and massive exhaust tip were the first to go This is how it sat before being taken of the road Plan is keep the 1600, panel up the windows and a few other bits
  4. Love it, definitely keen on getting rid of the windows. I was lucky enough to have a spare van without windows and have cut the sides out ready to weld in and replace my windows. Will be jumping on the band wagon for vans and put my build up tonight
  5. If your using 3inch blocks youl need to weld them to the diff housing or get a cert. 2inch is the biggest block you can use without a cert. Would look at reset leaf springs then blocks if you want a lot of drop
  6. Whats the name of the color you ended up going for? looks good
  7. My escort van has the petrol tank underneath the floor at the back. The sedans have them to the side, like a spare wheel. Thinking of replacing the van tank set up with the sedan tank set up. Are there any rules etc I need to know? Will be using the standard sedan tank etc
  8. If you get desperate I have some in stokes you can borrow. Ill be working in Jville tomorrow if that's any help
  9. Suppose it depends how well you know your WOF guy/how well he knows you and your work. I had the same on my escort (floor) repaired it with some meaty stuff and left it bare for the guy to re check
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