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  1. Just a quick wee update, finished all the other side jobs i had going on, still chipping away there will be a photo dump of the progress made and the horrors that follows.....
  2. Getting a few more hours in this weekend, long weekends are great. stripped back a bit more, ran out of stripping disc to finish the right rear guard but the photos speak for its self. will dig more into on monday, but pretty bad nasties from the little digging done, Datsuns eh
  3. Photos as promised this time! also a few extras, have been given a rear louver which doesnt quiet fit but ill fiberglass it to fit as a wee side project once the car is sent off for some out work
  4. Bit of an update, taken the motor and gearbox out, and majority of the stuff in the engine bay is out, fuel tank is out now as well, so she’s a pretty bare shell now. That was all done about a week and half ago At this point I haven’t had much time been busy with extra work at home fiberglassing some GTR parts. But did get into a bit of work tonight found a couple of nasties but not as bad as I was expecting Will be adding photos when I reach the computer as I can’t upload photos from my phone
  5. Well what a sharn the last post was, The last 5 months a little bit has happened. life got in the way for most of it, but finally managed to get into our own wee place with a decent garage for me to make some serious progress. Started stripping the inside of the car back to do rust under the dash and freshen up the inside of it, that then snowballed big time as the further i dug into areas of the car i was finding more wrong with it, as the photos show, bit of a crease in the floor. not to bad to fix, but started finding more rust, overlapping rust repairs coming back,. so decided to just dive in. was hoping to make it to the Datsun nationals at the end of the month, but no chance in that happening now. Ill be paint stripping the roof and rear guards and as much as possible. motor will be coming out the week along with fuel tank and all other things, as i will be getting the inside sand blasted along with the engine back so i can get into epoxy so i can begin repairs. If anyone knows of a mobile vapor or sand blaster in Christchurch can you point me in the right direction below
  6. Bit of as picture less update, but over the weekend i manged a few hours i found more rust in the dash area which i need to fix but life is interrupting me again and the lack of a garage or driveway space to do anything in, so on the hunt for a lockup of some sorts so i can really get into, as we dont have the space for my ccar at work at the moment, picture dump this week though!
  7. Just picked these up for the datsun! SSR MK2 13x7 -2 will be polishing these and painting them up at work this weekend
  8. I have a pair of SSR MK2 for it just need to paint and tyres, will be lowered shortly! Its still got a wof atm so should be out, I will attending street meat in a couple of weeks so aimming for that. - Michael
  9. Tips, Advice and questions, Cheers -Michael
  10. Hey, its been awhile since ive had anything to post on here have only recently gotten back into the oldschool game, more or less Datsuns, Well my weird obsession for them this being my 5-6th B310, Anyway. ive owned this Sunny for about 2-3 months now, and i have only recently started ripping into it after being employeed again. So far ive done the basics motor wise to an unknown car, Spark plugs, leads dizzy cap and rotors. also had brendan tune and sort my carb issue out and a new radiator put in, also a few cosmetic things, better tail lights. fender mirrors. I also have been buying and collection a lot of the interior pieces that have been missing or annoy me because the are rough, so currently in the process of putting my new dash in and painting the top of it, and found a small amount of rust which was better then i expected! bonus, and also getting the heatercore sorted for those winter drives, Here are a few photos of it so far, will post progress photos as i go, as ill use this a reference of where im at. -Michael