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  1. You have no idea how happy I am that this car ended up with you Sheepers haha. It was a painful day when this sold and got taken away, and then when I saw it on trademe again a few months later.. I almost bought her back. I'm glad she has ended up in worth hands. A lot happened to her after my last post on oldschool. For one, I saw the light and decided not to put the 202 in, I just wanted something with lumpy cams that sounded cool. After a while I realised how important it was to either keep her original engine or upgrade to something else in the same family (2jz for example). So I rebuilt the 202, sold it off and then began on the 4M. I rebuilt the head and replaced all of the gaskets and seals, but the previous owner said the engine itself had been rebuilt not so long ago. I checked the big end bearings and looked at the condition of the cylinder walls and everything looked good enough to leave as is. I ended up buying a few other cars which drew my attention away from this. I have now sold EVERYTHING and am disappearing overseas for a while. If you need any more info, send me a private message as I've turned off all other notifications from this site. Looking forward to checking back in a year or so to see progress! Julwer