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  1. Do you happen to have the sump profile for a Bmw M50 engine?
  2. Yes I was thinking late Jan, but we may as well come up with a plan. I see the swap meet at the speedway is early February. We could do another meet there? Also as Alex suggested, the Pohara bowls club was a fun activity to do... but I do want to save the hill drive for when I have a license (end of Jan). Otherwise throw us your suggestions/thoughts/fetishes
  3. Ok I'll pm you my address. I'm not far from both repco and supercheap so just come here and we will take a look.
  4. Keep us updated as I could meet you halfway somewhere and bring tools/multimeter/compression tester etc but would need to organize a time.
  5. I'm in Nelson (1.5 hours drive) and could possibly head over to help. Is it a petrol engine? My very first thought was a blocked fuel filter... but I don't think there is a repco or anything in Picton but I may be wrong
  6. Hmm well I have been thinking about a trip to Geraldine over the xmas break... maybe I should set a date so I can participate in Triumphant destruction
  7. The pog and I followed that truck and a burgundy one over the wangamoas, fuck we were both fizzing over them. Also I will note they were both very courteous and let us pass as soon as they could.
  8. Another great meat with another crazy mix of makes and models. Thanks again to everyone who came along to make it happen!
  9. Is that why my parents 55 bedford bus has 2 forward facing blue lights fitted. Must be a factory option Haha (FYI they mask them up to get a cof)
  10. Shit no! I'm a lazy cunt. Plus I have to move so I'm trying to find a dry spot for her somewhere.
  11. Lolz my warrent guy once said I needed a high stop light for the LTD. First I told him it was registered here in 71, And also there's the fact that the brake lights go across the whole fucking ass end, I can clearly see all the faces in the car behind me if I brake at night.
  12. I'm intrigued at how it goes now, I did feel like it should have more power... but the induction does sound cool. I'm also not a fan of the clutch, coupled with work boots it makes for some interesting take offs/stalls. I'm not sure if this is just how honda be or something needs to be modified? Very grateful for the use of it and I did notice a few mothers having a look at it as I drove around the soccer field. A++ would soccer mum again
  13. Great build. If you want to play around with a serious injector, I have a injector from a Wartśila Vasa 32. (320mm piston bore). It's only got a 350 bar cracking pressure! But I did learn alot about these injectors on the test beds at sea, how the cracking pressure affects the spray pattern and shit.
  14. Right, Sorry people for being slack on all this. So we will aim to get to Rabbit island around lunchtime 12pm. Motueka people meet at the clock tower/repco with the cruise over leaving around 11.30am Nelson people meet at wow with the cruise leaving around 11.45 We will try get one of those public BBQs there but I'll bring old betsy as backup. See you all there!
  15. Another problem is running the amp power wire directly beside the rca leads. Usually the whine is only for amp driven speakers though.
  16. Haha due to us all being slack cunts I think we will switch it to meet at the drag day by rabbit island on Saturday as mentioned earlier. I'll put up details tonight
  17. Thanks guys. I do want to change the wheels but I think I'll go down to 15s. I like the bbs mags but they are so popular that it puts me off. As for the springs it's actually quite low already, but it's wheel arch low... not body low. That and I've just put an engine in that has a lower sump than what came out, I think I'll cut and wing the sump at some point.
  18. Now was time for wiring, I searched and searched the Web for the perfect swap diagram but couldn't find it. I ended up finding one that made the most sense and followed it. Filled up all the fluids and connected the battery, no smoke so great start. All dash lights working as they should so removed fuel pump relay and wound it over to build oil presure. Threw the relay back in and the shed roared with the sound of a M50 with no exhaust, sending the dog running for the hills. Glorious times indeed! Now for the exhaust. After a bit of fucking around I turned to fb world and was given a pa
  19. Next for the engine was attach E36 engine arms, new oil filter and test thermostat, Seal up leak in the oil dipstick tube and slap the gearbox on. Then it was time to slip it in. This took a few tries before everything was in and connected and without interference. Final result was one M20 engine rubber and one E34 engine rubber to lean the engine over a little for brake booster clearance and one replaced power steering line after it was crushed by the sump. Hooked up all the heater hoses, connected up the e34 throttle cable, fuel lines, m20 fan and radiator. A quick trip to superch
  20. It's been a very interesting 4 day weekend. Definitely been challenging! Within 2 hours a friend and I had removed the dirty old tappy M20b20. I then machined the back of the flywheel to clear the M50 sump, losing a kg of flywheel weight in the process. And then attached a fb special Luk 2000lb 6 puk clutch, new spigot bearing and throw out bearing
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