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  1. Thanks to everyone that made it along! Yet another interesting meet My, (and Pogs) favorite was the "vulcan" we didn't see it run but we were both pleased with the all riveted alloy and interesting trailer and boat hitch design. Close behind for coolness for me was the Jet powered Jet boat! Now i'll just pic dump the rest of my photos of boats, turns out I need ALOT more practise with photographing moving objects but there's a few NZ record breaking boats, steam boilers, boat barries and of course... a mighty fine Johnson or two.
  2. Yup I'll be at Kohatu around 9 on Sunday... maybe a little earlier as the iced coffee has enticed me. Sounds like the grassy areas have become a swamp since the kaikoura quake so parking could be rather difficult. As per last meet look out for the pogs bus, will probably be in the campsite somewhere. See you guys there!
  3. It would be nice if you can convoy with the other oldschoolers but each to their own. Current forecast is 70% chance of rain on Saturday. 2% on Sunday...
  4. I think Sunday is best as it opens it up to the people working Saturday. It's an early meet so that we can see the boats before those people leave and I'm kinda planning to be leaving by mid afternoon anyway. I am willing to change it if we get enough people voting Saturday. Thoughts everyone? What day works for you?
  5. Right! So as previously discussed our next meet will be at the Classic boat show at St Arnaud, be prepared for a whole different breed of Barrys. It is on both Saturday and Sunday but I think Sunday will suit more people, its a fairly early meet and the plan is to meet at Kohatu junction at 9am and convoy out to the lakes. Hopefully the Pog (President of the Tasman Bay Thermette Appreciation Society) can make it in the mobile regional headquarters. I think every meet nationwide should have at least one bus as its really proved to be extremely handy! See all you fellahs and fell
  6. So I'll be along in The pogs super snipe, and he will try his best to get the bus into the grounds, Just say it's for sale or something. Even if the Civilian is out in the carpark it will make for a great spot to meet everyone at/possibly a dry place to chill also. It's fully equipped with cooking facilities so we can still wrangle up a bbq... of some sort. So for those who don't know, this is the said bus See you guys there!
  7. I'll probably get there around 9. Bad news is that my dad took the bbq that he gave me so now I'm bbqless. Can someone bring one along? We don't have a site booked like last year but I'll probably set up camp somewhere under the shade of the shelter belt.
  8. Marahau pog, Marahau. I'm sure you put that in especially for me. Great work with the thermette though!
  9. I did this in a Evo 6.5 and you told me off Mind you I know it's not British, and I know the rules now haha. Don't forget about the flue that's yours, stop in anytime you 2 are near Brightwater. Otherwise I could bring it to the next meet, I'll cut a hole in the e30 roof so that it will look like I have a fat stack.
  10. I also have a 94 gtr... in black, and has a R34 engine fitted. Has yours also got "super hicas"? Basically it allows for a certain amount of drift before bringing the power forward and steering the rear wheels. As for the boost, as soon as you remove the boost restrictor Nissan say the turbos become an item that needs to be checked and serviced. It will be only a matter of time before you find the exhaust turbine in your muffler, it's generally the rear turbo that goes as it runs slightly hotter than the front. It's such a fucking cunt of a job to do also!! Trust me! If I had
  11. Oh yes it's definitely worth going. Actually I noted last time I passed through that there is a classic boat museum in St Arnund that I need to check out sometime. I've penciled our March meet in for the classic boats.
  12. I'm definitely keen on the classic boats, missed out last year but been to quite a few now. So Pohara bowls club for April meet? Right so our next meet will be at the Nelson vintage swap meet at the speedway. Saturday 18th February I will be there from around 9am to scrounge around the place/ laugh at grown men hustling to get the bargains. BBQ will be fired up around 12 so bring along something to throw on. I'll ring the organizers about cars for sale, hopefully they don't charge for that (and it's a good way to smuggle in the BBQ) Does anyone have a mar
  13. It was no problem at all! Thanks for the beers. Great to hear that it gave you trouble free motoring For anyone reading it came down to excessively worn points. So new points, cap and rotor was just the ticket... after going through the whole debacle with super cheap on is it a mazda or is it a Ford. Mazda caps are screw on, Ford caps are clip on. Daves Mazda B2200 had a clip on cap of course. Good times!
  14. I don't have anything to sell this time round but I don't mind sorting out a site if there's a few of you wanting to sell some shit? Otherwise I'll just bring in my bbq and we meet at a certain time under the shade of the shelter belt
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