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  1. no tank in the rear or anything. just straight pipes to the front. got a radiator cap at the front and have a bleed nipple at the top hose just out of the water pump. trying to find a s4 water filller neck which had a radiator cap on top. but seems s5 rx7 have 2 bolt pattern mine has a 3 bolt pattern. so back to bleep niple for now il find a pic and post it. il have it at chrome if you wanted to gork at it there
  2. so yea chit chat here and some help on the trunk situation would be wicked haha
  3. It's out of a 1980s Mercedes. Just what was on the shelf at the radiator shop that kinda fitted and was around the right price. Guy knew it was for a rotary and said this is a half pie decent one. Should definitely keep it cool. Some one had ordered it and never picked it up. A Toyota hilux was the right kinda shape and what not but the price was not fitting with in my cheep nasty budget
  4. So I thought since I have a car show this weekend coming and chrome the weekend after I better pull the car apart and fix the main things that need to be done. 1st things 1st cut the spare wheel well out. I did plan on building a thing like this to stop hot air travling into the cabin. But my radiator is a tad tall so will just make a devider against the bonnet and use a door seal to keep the heat out. Hopefully with the amount I cut out should allow air flow to max. Also gotta chuck safety belts in it. Slot my rear arms so don't have heaps of toe in. Also notch them so I don't smash the spring plates all the time. Few other things. Brought a fuel pressure reg but don't have a drill at home to screw it on. Should help out with over fueling the bitch.
  5. So instead of getting my ap5 wagon going for wagon nats i went and did this instead Brought myself a 1968 VW Beetle. so thats a few pictures of it. few things in mind that i want to do like widen the rear wheels about 3 inches and also get a bigger tyre so the speedo isn't 10 mph out so i can get more smiles per mile. find some low back seats are on the list to find along side a few more things buy a scotch bright and get the silly symbol off the side so i can then put my business logo on the side (midnight upholstery) and also fix my bonnet/boot latch (the front compartment/trunk) i have mannaged to yea shut it this morning and now cant open it. massive face palm!!!! as for that il keep you updated and post some more stuff and better photos later today but 1st thing to fix is how to get into the trunk so i can fill it up with gas later duscussion here //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/46740-64-valiants-68-vw-beetle/
  6. shit this is going to be so comfy to drive. im going to need to borrow you "special tool" to remove one of my torsion bars in the wagon. she sure is bent. might have to catch up and talk valiants again. who have you been purchasing your parts through. nz or aus?
  7. Shit yeah 12 slots for the win. She's looking good man. Colour match looks sharp.
  8. that video has gone viral. yota nation shared it. so much wickedness hold up it was video i keep seeing on my time line
  9. shit yeah. your dad rocks! and dads friends are always the best for projects. you got a sweet project man. looking forward to seeing it complete and even more so your progress. prelude seats are pretty comfy seat and sort after in the hot rod world cause of how narrow they are. super keen to follow this one. this make me laugh, "Epoxying steel patches over rust is basically the same as welding in a repair panel isn't it?" cheap cars like today's toyotas, just fixed to keep on the road long enough.
  10. shit. pre booked this weekend for car event advertising for business. what a fuck up.
  11. So the bug made it into the pc mag. Cheers to @Snoozin for the great pics. Here are better pics with out the mag Again rolling shots are the tits You can really see how poo brown my interior is here. Go buy yourself a copy today.
  12. Is @Geophy going. Jesus this has rolled around fast.
  13. sweet even better. see if we can do a deal buy one get one free? lest of freight
  14. http://ranchotransaxles.com/rancho-subaru-5-speed-conversion-for-type-1-2-and-vanagon/ I'm going to leave this here for later.
  15. Oh hey jase. You going to bring it to hamilton meet. Glad your back into old cars. She sure is a nice car.
  16. carpet underlay is the best per dollar. i use it everywhere. and you can just use the off cuts where ever they fit. dyna matt is soooooo spendy but does do its trick mongoos is also a cheap branded stuff. for your roof id just use underlay. oh i can even sell you some if you want and hand deliver it cause i wona come say hello and check out your dub
  17. Hey guys Names Greg and this is my Ap5 Valiant and a story to go with it. This all started in maybe 2003 when my dad decided to buy a one owner ap5 for the two of us to work on and do up. he passed away in 2005 and it then became mine. i drove it around for a while and then became a ordainment in my mums garage as i became engulfed in the modern car scene and road bikes. it got pulled apart maybe late 2007 for a full rebuild. ended up staying there for a long time and recently started putting it back together on the 21st of April 2013 (last month) so i could maybe have some garage space and enjoy it instead of it wasting away. here is a photo of what it looked like in 2005 at beach hop this is what it looked like once we cleaned the shit off it thanks to Evan for the massive help and these are all the missing parts that where just chilling in the garden shed out the back with in the 1st day we had bonnet and boot back on and wasn't to much loner the doors followed, had a few missing bolts and manged to lose a door hing that was easily replaced (aussie spears hamilton) in the mean time i had the dash sent away to get big head unit hole filled and dash painted up to look new again. also found a few old cool things while i was there cleaning it out. as notice this car has been a Hamilton car from brand new. no more head unit hole now and time for some paint. had also realized i needed one of my mags to be welded up so hit up a few mates over face book and ended up heading to George at advanced chroming on Ellis st. wasn't to long before i had it back and back on the tyre thought it would be a good idea to maybe change the oils and oil filter, so away with the old. thats gear box and next is engine oils went for a walk around to auto trail got me some new oils also got some spark plugs while i was at it. quickly chucked the dash in and came across this check the original low miles on this puppy. manged to sneak a photo of my helper having a sleep on some rags the lil bugger. thought i should get a mate over help out with the sparkie stuff, ended up new fuse box and wabam i could turn the key. wasn't long before i was poring fuel down the carbie and getting my partner to turn it over. WAHHOOOOO it goes!!!! the next day was out of the garage for the 1st time in meany years and yea we went but no brakes.... so rung a mate and turn out a rebuild was due for this lil guy was a lil bit of rust to do around the windows to clean up so got Evan around again and i found myself having a laugh at him so took a few photos and thats that. ny way hope u enjoy the read. here is the project discussion //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/38243-64valiants-ideal-ap5/
  18. Well well well. This car just keeps on going. I got it a wof for national's. Proceded to stop 100 times on our trip down. Thanks to Brent for keeping count. Done a crap load of miles. Did some big mph 6 up and just didnt stop. People voted this bad boy best sedan. Sure is a great sedan. Everyone should have one. Oh yeah I got clusters last stand from getting stung in the ball sack. (Well close enough) loosing a rubber bug for my roof rack and braking a strap. And I'm sure there was something else added to that list. But nats pretty much rulled. Looked something like this. @Archetype driving in these two photos. Hold up he is driving in three Me been the best drift taxi that was available Peach teats calves love them. And today the missus car decided to brake after been fixed. So I went to brents borrowed the trailer off brent and grabbed the old girl to do the job while i was at his. been in storage since os nats and still covered in crap from then. Fucken sketchy going down my drive way. Had Cody in my old lady's honda behind me in case it got away on me. I ended up turning the car off and using the gears off as engine braking, as it doesnt really work when you can do 50kph in 1st gear. the front wheels where skidding everywhere. Will not trade again. Got the job done. Also booked in to get roof fixed and below the back window painted in September. Gotta clean it up a little for the wedding and sick of not having a headlining in it. Might even put some carpet in it i think.
  19. She sure looks rad. But she's nothing but a pile of rust. A big pile of rust. It's so far gone it's unbelievable but a couple of good parts left on it which is why they still have it. Like the back is held together with a ratchet tie down. Haha.
  20. make chit chat about my wags here hopefully i will have some updates on it sooner than latter
  21. So yeah cars been sitting tucked away in the shed for a while now. We get a good view from the toilet in the garage. But now I have my mates skyline out of the shed it was time to rearrange the shed a bit more and get it ready for the photo shoot tomorrow. Can't even get it out of the bloody shed. Beached as bro. Ahh well give it a big wash. Make sure it goes and top it up full of fluids get it ready. Do a skid and brake it. Keep posted for more cool photos to come.
  22. so i managed to find myself two weeks ago checking my messages from a mate to find him sending me a trade me link of an ap5 safari in wanaka. about 3 phone calls later and yup it was mine. he got it running for me so i wouldnt have to pay moon beams in freight so a week goes buy and on the transporter it goes. few more days and WABAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its now in my garage. along side of my sedan!!! 1st things 1st here are some pictures of it so i think the foot brake doesnt work but the hand brake is very good under the hood is a bit of a mess there is also a bit of bog in the tail gate the spear wheel well had a bit of rust as well and some rust else where and yeah my mum and partner didnt think i would fit them both in the garage. it was a tight fit but they are in there and i cant get to my room or up stairs any more haha my bad thats it for now im sure il find more and il see you on the chit chat side of this latter
  23. Well it fits nicely in my shed at home that's for sure. It's up on dollies so il be able to move it around a lot more and just be able to push one car out and work on this one a bit more. Will pick up my grill and headlights from mum's place and put them on also. Make it look like more of a complete car. Also mate had problems with the rear brakes not retracting and he came across some stuff on Google regarding the back hose locking up so il but some new rear hoses and put them on. Also find all the wheel trims also. Cutting discs aquiered. Need to get gas bottle asap