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  1. Are the injectors firing? If they are then it means the ecu is getting the trigger signals from the distributer. I saw one wiring diagram where IGF has a pull up to 5V, are you able to measure what the voltage is at IGF, with nothing else connected to that input on the ecu? PIM is the map sensor, and VCC is 5v.
  2. Toyota IGT is typically a 5V signal, 0v 5V transition begins charging the coil then spark occurs when it transitions from 5v to 0v. I am not 100% sure the IGT on the 1gge ecu is 5v, but if it is 5V, it would almost be impossible that if that IGT output had failed it would default to 12v. Is there another 5V output pin on the ecu you can test to confirm its 5V out? Have you attached all the grounds to the ecu? There may be a pull down resistor that's floating at 12v if the ground isn't connected, but seems unlikely. Have you double checked you have the right pin for IGT and con
  3. Thanks for the quick reply guys, Suspected that would be the case, just trying to avoid getting stuck in the loop of waiting till the next modification before getting cert and having a car that takes forever to be road legal. Just a confusing rule I guess? As changing from stock wheels to aftermarket wheels doesn't require a cert, but changing them once certified requires a re-cert.
  4. Hi Cletus, I am looking to get a car certified soon for an engine/gbox swap and adjustable height suspension. If I get the car certified with the stock wheels on it, then put wider wheels on the car later on, will there be a problem getting a WOF?
  5. Cool Project! Saw this video a while back, might be interesting if you haven't already seen it.
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