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  1. After several attempts to make the smaller chain work i just couldn't get it to stay on the sprockets, so after some head scratching how i could get a sprocket in 420 chain small enough to fit i ordered a 17 tooth front sprocket from a random dirt bike off trademe. After killing 3 or so drill bits it got 4 holes in it and bolted on it now works and doesnt throw chains. The carb however has decided to jam at 3/4 throttle and again at idle. Anyone know if a trademe universal 2 stroke carb might work?
  2. Seeing as ive turned my back rim into this square shaped thing I've cracked into some other things i needed, like getting more power and more RPM'S Ello governor your services will no longer be required while i had the muffler off to access that bastard device i noticed how shit the exhaust port is........ 30 minutes with a file it should flow way better now. Which of course led me looking in here Rocker Arms have ass loads of gap so have closed those up hopefully giving me a bit more lift it runs good and is way more snappy on the blip of the throttle now however i'm contemplating whipping the head off and porting the fuck out of it as there is plenty of meat able to be removed and maybe shave the head a bit for more compression. Then an exhaust that doesn't choke it to death would surely help.
  3. Got run off road today by grumpy old prick in a 4wd lunched chain and cracked a wheel. Took it too a car park out by puketirini lake here in Huntly to avoid upsetting anyone mission failed there FFS. Hopefully can get a new wheel or im breaking welder out again to adapt something else.
  4. Look at this on eBay Hmm wonder if this is actually a thing.
  5. Will get something up soon waiting on a back ordered throttle cable all the test runs have been by banging the throttle onto rabbit and holding on flicking the kill switch if it gets to hairy. Once ive got the cable will gut the governor too its bloody intrusive.
  6. Ass puckering handling at speed round corners while giving it berrys steps it out like a bitch! Weirdly controllable standing up though just feels sketchy hop off gas it straightens up. Super fun!
  7. This is a busy little spot chain cogs shafts and brake all stuffed in there little battery so i can ride it at night (need a light) so people cant see how ridiculous i look at speed. Signs of life...... Awful smelling tyre it certainly spins fast enough
  8. Has kind of been my plan no car or motorcycle parts have been used so shes good to go. Now to try find a cam port the head and remove the governor.
  9. Maiden voyage 1 2 3 completed 1&2 threw chain both times after a few tweaks 3rd time was a charm hums along at 30ks 1/3 throttle cant give it much more throttle cable needs adjustment. The brakes work surprisingly well clocked up 5 ks on it. Pretty happy goes hard 4 what is.
  10. I have a driveline Cheers Storm Parts. Except for the Fucking bearings i ordered thursday last week (Saeco) Thumbs down.... And it all needs to fit in this tiny area here. Can see what i mean by 25h chain been dinky? hand made 420 chain to 25h Adapter sprocket. Ive got the 420 chain from the clutch running 1-1 on the jackshaft that way i can add a bigger sprocket easily to change the final drive as its a common size and commonly available 25h is hens teeth hopefully it is strong enough a 420 sprocket to fit my wheel was not easily doable.
  11. All bits ordered most are here so ive set everything up added extra bracing and brackets and redone some of the factory welds, fully stripped it got my kids to sand it and of course painted it satin black looks like a bought one. Jack shaft bearings throttle cable clutch and chain are all im waiting on now Also added a bigger rear sprocket as 1-1 final drive would of been a bit useless.
  12. Is that a fonterra workshop?
  13. Yes but i can go up hills electric died real bad uphill. Way more fun to be had.
  14. Centrifugal clutch to jackshaft is standard go-kart 420 stuff jackshaft to rear wheel is 25h its bloody tiny found a place that does it well hopefully it the right stuff. 4 links per inch. Theoretical top speed should be 65ish kph if i leave the governor in place and the sprockets im ordering.
  15. Bearings ordered today chain for my dinky rear wheel sprocket is turning into a right bitch to find If possible will swap it for a larger pitch chain.