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84 L200 5 stud conversion help?


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I wanna do a 5 stud conversion on my 84 L200 but not too sure how to go about doing so. I know in the front its reasonably simple where you can chuck some L300 hubs in but do I have to get these hubs off any specific year or can I just get these ones off Repco that come up when I search "L300 Hubs" https://www.repco.co.nz/en/parts-service/driveline/wheel-bearings-hubs-studs/repco-wheel-hub-rwh5008/p/A1178041?rgfeed=true&cid=google-shopping&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&gclid=CjwKCAjww8mWBhABEiwAl6-2RUlOuEs3g2Y4p_gKQIhnAI0CO-QR1edIkpymlJeKPGlglmnaA_iOvxoCsYUQAvD_BwE

With the rear I am pretty stumped, do L300 axles fit into L200 casing or do I do a full diff swap? and what would that entail etc.

Help would be much appreciated, cheers



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Some people have the rears redrilled to 5 stud


L200 are sprung under axle

L300 are sprung over axle

There's about 2" difference, l300 being narrower


You could have the l200 axle faces redrilled to 5 stud and use the l300 drums I believe as the rest of the axle and brakes are "the same" 

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