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Soaps101's 82 KP62 Starlet

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  • 1 month later...

Update - crack a brew and wrap your laughing gear around this.

Its been a few weeks - & the battle has begun. As usual nothings easy... the rebuilt motor was not really that rebuilt. Long story short I cracked the head off and found a pretty average looking block surface - so had to get that machined. Gave old Rod at the engine shop my yarn so far and at the mention of a lumpy cam he raised an eyebrow, pulled out a small cylinder of metal from the block (I now know these are called cam followers), took one look and said "These need refaced too they aren't looking so great" Son of a - . So as I do I trusted him being the expert... and he turned the whole lot around pretty quick for me. 

Not only that but the "repainted" block was quickly reverting to painted... Old mate had sprayed straight over the previous paint with no prep so it was peeling off just by looking at it the wrong way almost. Got stuck in as best as I could - sanded back and resprayed in classic gloss black - give me shit below.

The worked cam turned up & heavy duty valve springs to match. Suddenly I realised I also needed to put said valve springs in - of course I don't have the tools/know how/time right now, so went back to Rod a few days later and he threw them in for no cost. A big thanks mate!

Now the real assembly could begin... but not without a repco lube trip, wasn't going to tell her to bite the pillow this time. 

Swapped the oil pickup/pump over from my OG motor.

Got the camshaft back in. 

Worth mentioning here that I got as many ancillary engine parts powdercoated because.. well read from the mantras posted above. Also worth mentioning at this stage some of these I've already had to scrape back to fit/install them back on.. did I mention I'm an absolute rookie?

Oil filter pickup on (post scraping).

Got a mate around & put the head back on - First time on the torque wrench.

We also put the timing chain and gear on. After reading and re-reading, a youtube video, checking, re-reading some more we managed to step our way through it (well f**k lets hope so).

Remember how nothings easy? We got halfway through this and realised the bolts for the timing gear cover don't match between the motors.. (its a slightly newer 3k, I think from a slant front? Discuss here: https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/81216-soaps101s-82-kp62-starlet-discussion/&tab=comments#comment-2439653 ) And old mate hadn't supplied any with it (insert expletive).

Managed to get him on the blower, and lo and behold they were still in his shed. Good thing gasket cement doesn't set too quickly and after a quick hour long trip across the way back we had it sorted. 

I'll park it there for now.. stay tuned for the next installment of missing bolts  3k building with Soaps. 





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  • 3 months later...

Update. A couple of months of life and hunting through the roar later. A little more progress (photos below). Been working through piecing things together from two slightly different 3k motors, but its starting to come together (who knows if it will run). The latest issue is crank pulleys - the two pulleys I have are different sizes, refer to pic below. I have taken a punt on the smaller one being right... but would love confirmation from some of you legends if possible.

Also trying to remember how the alternator bolts up, now that I've removed the snapped bolt from it 8-).


Hopefully ill have a few good weekends ahead to make some inroads and get it back in the car


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