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Browndog's 1978 Ford Transit Sundowner #3

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So fast forward to early February, and discounting the various other hiccups in between, the mighty van was finally delivered to my place! Turns out it was an ex plumbers van, and even came with all of his old stuff still in it. I googled his name, and found he had died in July 1979, aged 81. The van had probably been sold by an executor of his estate or similar. So it had been used as a work van, and was fairly beaten up in the back. But as with most Aussie vehicles I have bought, rust was fairly minimal for something of this age. First job was to remove all of the shelving and other crap with had been Tek screwed/rivetted/welded in!  





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Went to panel guy's place this morning to drop some parts off, and check on progress. This guy just amazes me every time with his sheetmetal skills!  Door steps had some rust holes in them, so he fabbed up new ones, complete with correct swaging. Check out the detail, once painted it will be impossible to tell from original. Same goes for the chassis section which carries the LH rear spring shackle. Compare to the pic above, perfection!   It is quite nice going up there and seeing progress. :)   







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