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Rbdrifter's 1982 lancer (daily)

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I've had this 6 months now so decided it can get its own thread

So I swapped my 82 l200 ute that I had done endless hours on back to the guy I bought it off for this beauty.

A 1982 ex lancer gsl


Originally 1.6 auto but has now got a big block 4g63 sohc 8 valve and 5 speed manual conversion. 

It had no wof or rego when I got it

I put four new tyres on, replaced the fart cannon exhaust tip with a normal one and a few minor things it got a wof. 

And I daily drove the shit out of it

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I never wanted to modify this so tried to make it as Nanna spec as possible by adding a blanket to the rear seat and a monsoon to the driver's door. 




Also straightened the front bumper out as it had obviously had an oopsie at some point. 

Took it all the way to beach hop even and had no issues 



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So ran into issues trying to source factory rear shocks and after much frustration this happed...


I pinched the suspension and wheels from my green car as that's parked up with compression issues....

Starion struts, starion Lower arms, lowering springs and mirage rear shocks




Sad to see this car like this again but it's also given me motivation to start fixing the rust and bodywork properly 




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Also pinched the fish nets from my green car as I find factory seats uncomfortable. Was trying to buy another set of fishnets but seems going rate is $700 which is stupid. I paid $150 for these and they're 9.5/10 condition.  

May aswell go buy brand new recaros instead. 


Stole the exhaust while I was at it and threw a flexi in, and mounted it more solid with cotton reel style mounts. Definitely the way to go. 

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Nothing exciting in the works lately besides fixing old owners repairs, 

First pic should explain well. Window Washer pump obviously shat the bed so they Jimmy up another pump to it just chilling there. 


Found a spare amongst my boxes of crap and fitted her up, the black paint drives me mad on the washer bottle, maybe covid will get me cleaning it well see..   



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Stumbled upon this haul of parts today on Facebook. Dude was local and had a good yarn with him. 

Potentially may have more parts for me to purchase once he empties his storage unit. 

Got a 1600 crossmember,  some suspension parts, there was also new tierods, castor bushes, pitman arm etc (not in pics) and these sweet manifolds. They're a little cuzzy custom spec but will still function no doubt. 







Will install/swap the crossmember when I get a chance as the one In the car has been redrilled for wider wheel track but Im not too impressed with it. 


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