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bryck's 1988 Ford Sierra Wagon

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Another weekend, more rain and a sick daughter conspired to provide me with a few hours this afternoon to tinker away on a few minor things. First thing to go was the bulbous wind deflector on the drivers window, it was massive and didn't look right only being on one side of the car.


Other thing that managed to sort was the radio, had an ancient Sanyo tape deck in it which had power but no sound from the speakers. Swapped in a spare mechless Sony unit I had in the garage and got sound coming out of the fronts. Apologies for the rubbish photo.


Highlighted a few things; first the front speakers are horrible and need to be replaced and second, it really needs some rear speakers. One step at a time though.

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Got a WOF back in July no problem which was a bit of a relief.

After that it wasn't long until we were thrust back into lockdown again, which limits what can be done for the next little while. So time for some more low level interior upgrades.

I'd already ordered a set of NOS car mats, so chuck them in, simple.


Then I had a search through the garage to try to find a box of parts which had a Cosworth steering wheel in it. Managed to find it, gave the wheel a quick clean and put that on as well. Much better.





Then as mentioned, the front speakers needed to be swapped out for something less crap. Ordered them after lockdown had started, wouldn't have called them essential myself but I'm not complaining that they turned up a couple of days later. Gave me something to do between bike rides with the kids. 

Front speakers are in the dash, so a stupid amount of trim has to come off to get to them. But managed to get the old 4" speakers out then modified the mounting plates to accept the 4x6" replacements. This is with the first one done, second one was the same.


These were essentially the largest size speaker that would fit in the space. This has made a good improvement to the sound but definitely need some rear speakers to fill in the sound. And bonus being I managed to get all the trim back on with no left over screws lol.

So my car being pretty poverty spec, didn't have the rear tailgate mounted speakers. I pulled the trim panel off to see how I might go about routing the speaker wires only to find the boot had the speaker wiring in place. The wires disappear under the roof lining but they don't go all the way up to the dash, anyone got any idea how far they might go from there?


Discussion thread:


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So... center console had no armrest. I'd really rather have one, I find it makes a car much more comfortable.

I don't have a really good before picture, but this is the type of center console I had:


Went through my parts and pulled out a grey center console which was from a later car. Had an arm rest and was all one piece. Tried it in the car and it didn't fit very well, possibly because it was from a car with an MT75 gearbox? Not sure. Regardless, the colour was off compared to the rest of the interior, twas a much bluer grey.

So I had a look online and saw that there is an arm rest option for the split style console that was in the car. Couldn't find one locally so looked to the UK and found one advertised without the lid/armrest part.


No problem, I have that part already, I can swap it over from the one I have right? Surely that part is the same, why would you make another one that looks the same? Saved me a boatload on the price too which was already more than ideal.

After about a week of waiting, it arrived and I eagerly unpacked it and screwed on the lid I already had. It went smooth to this point, then I tried to close it. The latch was no where close to hitting the keeper, out by nearly 20mm.  Not cool.

Quick moment of despair, then resolved to making it work. What's 20mm? Managed to slide the arm rest back, remount the hinges into it and just get it to latch. Success!

Now to get the handbrake to work with the concertina shroud thing which I new needed to be done. Cut a bunch of the existing plastic shrouding off the handbrake leaving just a small sleeve to cover the lever until it disappears into the console.


A fresh new spot to lean.

I think I'm out of level 4 things I can do to this. Need some freedoms so I can go get bits off the parts car. Near the top of the list are a set of Cossie Recaros in desperate need of recovering.  

Anyone got any suggestions for an auto upholstery places in Auckland? Keen to hear people's recommendations. That'll almost finish off the interior I think.


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