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Aubs commy of bogan


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Took fora drive started mint went mint. Only really drivn a few times so im happy.

Side skirts are still on car hhaha so sweet.

Wana lower it but my driveway is a real egg. Hmhm duno.

If anyone got ideas on stuff pls let me knw. Actually my first holden so learning as i go. Cheers




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On 26/07/2021 at 12:22, Toddy415 said:

Nice I got a vs wagon a year ago and it has been super handy, my first car with a tow bar so has been so usefull. Might have to satin black my wagon haha

Oh nice man. Yea fora cheap tydy up bro cant complain 

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Ol girl still going strong think maby the alternator on way out or the battery. Shes more than happy to cruise around town fora while but if go over bout 40mins electrics start going funny


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Finally found a rear bumper i was after was quiet the mission to collect it but now on the car now all the pieces i wanted are on it..

Now what colour...

Sorta thinkn red or gloss black



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Found this spoiler on market place with a mint boot lid.

Mine had some rust and spoiler was abit taty 

Last picture just wet cause a wash think mite just chuck a clear coat over the black 




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